40 messages and quotes today that remind you to live the moment

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Living today is very important, because that’s what you really have! Sometimes you think so much in the future and the already made plans that you forget that life happens now! In this sense, the only moment on which we have control is the present, being necessary to focus on it and live in its function. So, check out inspiring messages and quotes today!

today’s messages and quotes that inspire and motivate to be present in everyday life

Today is the only time we have control at. Before and after that, it does not belong to us.

All we have is the present moment.

Value life by dedicating itself to living it today.

God appropriated the future, but today gave us all.

I love everything that was, everything that is no longer, the pain that no longer hurts me, the old and wrong faith, the yesterday that left joy just because it was, and today is another day. P>

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

The only time when it is possible to make a difference today. Choose the now to become new.

So always that voice tells me that the beginning is always today.

Gratitude for today moves those who have faith in God.

Today is the Divine present that comes from the change in the future.

And tomorrow I will have one again today. There is something of pain and pungency in living today.

Today I choose life. Every morning, upon waking, I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain … Feeling the freedom that comes to keep making mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not deny my humanity, but embrace it. P>

For a better future, I choose to change today.

If you fell yesterday, get up today.

The today overflows with possibilities. Tomorrow will only have this power when it becomes the now.

Today, not tomorrow. Not now, later. Reality, no dream.

Yesterday no longer exists for you, he is gone while you sleep, tomorrow does not exist yet, you only have today, this is the day God acts!

Tomorrow’s results will be visible in the causes we do today. Let’s sow the seeds one by one, and win in the present for the good of the future.

To make dreams come true in the future, you need to start acting today.

The best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all imagination and enthusiasm in the perfect execution of today’s work.

Dear today, you are my favorite moment of my whole story.

I choose today because I want to start now. I’m tired of leaving things for later!

One day we learn to build all our roads in today; Because tomorrow’s terrain is too uncertain for plans, and the future has the habit of falling in the vain.

We stop in question what the future reserves us and receive as a gift whatever that we bring us today.

Today I know what I can, tomorrow belongs to God.

If I knew the world is over tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today.

Every day is valuable as long as it is lived as today that is actually.

We need to learn to enjoy today, we have lived a lot because of the future and He belongs to God.

Yesterday. Tomorrow future. Today now. Yesterday was. Tomorrow will be. Today is. Yesterday experience acquired. Tomorrow new fights. Today, however, it is our time to do and build.

If you have to love, love today. If you have to smile, smile today. If you have to cry, cry today. Because the important thing is to live today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may not come.

It is in today that I can bet and it is because of him that I will live.

The time to do what you planned for a distant future is today, it is today that you can make the future so dreamed.

Remember the past, dream of the future, but do not forget that the action is in today.

Today, I exist; Today, I create; Today, I change the world.

One of the few certainties you can have in this world is what can be done today.

Believe me: Today the impossible does not exist and all dreams can come true.

The art of living today, few people can dominate.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow dodging her today.

is not today’s. Don’t sigh by you … don’t want to be tomorrow’s. Make you without limits in time

Practice good, do what brings you happiness and make your dreams come true today.

Focus on today and changes will happen! Even so, to always remember what brought you to the present moment, also check out messages and quotes of the past. After all, this is your story.

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