40 messages and quotes of the arrival of the first child who celebrate this moment

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Any and all birth is special, but the birth of the first child has unique emotions. Experiencing the wait, expectations, the preparations, is intense and singular. Thinking about this bright and magical moment, we have selected these thrilling quotes from the arrival of the first child who will fill in good vibrations and much love the hearts of first -time dads. Come check it out!

Quotes of the arrival of the first child full of good energies to commemorate birth

My son, you are the perfect sum between Dad and me. It is our love that was so great multiplied and overflowed. We can’t wait to have you in our arms!

It’s the expected time let’s meet. I will look at your soul and love you even more. Now I want to see you born, now it’s me and you!

All this time I tried to imagine how beautiful it would be to see you born. Imagination in vain. I couldn’t calculate that it would not fit me so much happiness that I explode as soon as I see you.

Today, we are no longer two to become three. Today, we are no longer a couple to be a family. And I couldn’t be happier. You are the realization of a dream, son!

daughter, you have no idea how I dream about the day of your arrival. May this date come soon so I can feel your smell and be able to look into the eyes of the love of my life!

The arrival of a child is always magical, but his arrival, son, is even more fantastic. We await you with joy and much love, come soon to our arms!

I didn’t know I was able to love so much until I found out that it would be a mother. You are love itself in the form of people, daughter!

You know, I will be your home, if you want, without haste, the way it has to be. What else can I do? Just look at you to sleep, now, just now.

I want to hold you in my arms, sing a lullaby, nest in my lap and make you feel your most beloved in the entire universe. We look forward to your arrival, daughter!

Welcome, my new being, surrounded by protection, so much love, so much peace inside my heart.

When a child comes to the world, all our perspectives and plans are changed due to it. And our happiness basically consists of seeing him happy. Everything becomes so simple, true and intense, you really need to celebrate!

Generating you is how to generate the purest, genuine and fantastic love of the world. I never thought this feeling could exist, let alone so intense. Come soon, my angel!

The wait is over, anxiety ceased and I will soon be able to hold your hands so small. A new world opens for us, my love.

My inheritance for you is love that can make it quiet, full, recognizing the world, what is in itself.

son, maybe daddy and I are not the perfect parents, we will possibly make mistakes a few times, but always make sure that our love for you is greater than anything. We can’t wait to have you in your arms!

You have been dreamed, desired, planned and soon you will be here in our arms!

you come, I already listen to your signals.

You don’t know how long I hope you, face it! You are about to come into the world, and joy has taken my chest in an indescribable way. Come with a lot of health, my son. I love you!

I’m ready! I feel prepared to dedicate all this love that sprouted into me while you prepared to come to the world. I love you, son!

For you I kept the love I learned seeing my parents, the love I had and received and today I can give free and happy.

Only those who are a father can understand the emotion of the moments that precede the birth of a child. The love present at this time is the craziest and most genuine feeling that can exist!

My life made no sense until your arrival, son. You came to transform everything and everyone around you. Dad and Mom love you!

Finally, I’m a father! My dream has become real and I have no words to describe how I feel happy and grateful for it.

The joy of your arrival does not know in our chest. Dad and Mom are anxiously waiting for you!

The family I have always dreamed of, became real when we discovered its existence. You are unique and special, I there is nothing in the world that can describe how much I love you, son!

It’s like I had waited for a lifetime to pack.

Our love has multiplied and has generated a fruit that is about to arrive. Come healthy my little prince!

son, I love you so much and I’m so happy with your arrival that I would be able to have a party every day just to celebrate your existence!

vibro your arrival with all the joy of the world, my son!

Ah, as I want to see your features, smell and strength from your little hand by squeezing my finger. You are a dream that has come true, daughter, and we can’t wait to have you with us!

Mom and Dad are telling the days to meet you. May you come in health, materializing the joy and love that constitute our little family!

Dad of heaven sent you to renew joy and multiply love. We are looking forward to your arrival, my love!

Anxiety for your arrival does not overcome the love I already feel for you, daughter. Come in your time, and with a lot of health!

Now that you have come to the world, I finally discovered in practice what it is to feel that someone is your world. You just became everything to me, because the love I feel for you goes beyond anything tangible. You, son, are life.

Such a pure love that I did not know came to exist in me. I confess, fear has hit me, but with each day I feel like my world is becoming more beautiful and you, baby.

nine months wishing the moment of finally having you in your arms. Your time is coming my love, and I still can’t believe this dream is becoming real. Mom loves you!

Come, son! Come meet your crazy, love -filled parents!

Welcome to our family, my little one. May the years to come are very happy and that you find a lot of love between us.

Everything is already prepared for your arrival, my little angel. The house is tidy, the family anxious, Dad is almost crazy … And in a little while you will be with us! May God bless your arrival, daughter!

May the angels of the Lord illuminate your arrival and bring you healthy and tranquility. We love you, son!

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