40 messages and quotes of the Anavitória duo to fall in love with their compositions

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Formed by the singers Vitória Falcão and Ana Caetano, Duo Anavitória enchants for their songs that mix pop, folk and a lot of romanticism. Winners of the Latin Grammy, these girls have partnered with big names in Brazilian music such as Nando Reis, Sandy, Tiago Iorc and many others. Want to know more about their work? Then check out our selection of Anavitory messages and quotes.

Anavitory duo messages and quotes that prove their talent so singular

When I call you, don’t shining. I want to see you coming very slowly.

I saw you escape from my hands.

If it is staying, it is at once, do not curl, because it is just in the hug.

Your love I do not risk losing.

I get home at home looking for you everywhere. What did you do to leave traces in my furniture and your smell when I sing?

My rhyme with yours.

On the radio everything sounds so strange, I hear you in the voice of any. Longing does not seem to have size, the world without you, nor I saw, nor is it.

proves me, see me, feel, smells me and leaves me in me.

I never saw anyone make so much noise in my heart.

I know that love is easy to drown and if you have a boat, the biggest chance of saving yourself.

absence wants to suffocate me, longing is your privilege and I sing to relieve the weeping you threaten.

I can plan a whole future on your side and seem so safe to engage and feel and want.

Freedom is not knowing, fun is to ask yourself, how good it is to dream!

Remember to be a little more when thinking about leaving.

Kiss me that I like your texture, your fruity taste, glued smile.

Do not risk trying to write me on your best lines. I don’t need an altar.

let me convince you that you are the most beautiful being I was lucky to know.

is that, dengo, I found my best and I can’t tie another knot with someone other than you.

rest your peace in mine.

is that you look so good here with me.

You are Labyrinth, Undexual Street.

Now I want to go to recognize myself back, to relearn and apprehend me again.

That never hurts a affection, which is better than alone and we together is very good.

I want to redo myself away from you.

I want to hear your ellipsis.

It is so particular my meeting when it is with you, my smile when you have yours to accompany.

tells me what I want to listen to, only you know how to guess my secret desires.

I just want the light of life to take you.

You are four sheets clover, it’s Sunday morning for nothing, rare and good conversation.

Invention a thousand chances to bump out there. I don’t know what I do, I want more, I want more from you.

It’s not chance, it’s just love, there’s no mistake.

I have faith to walk!

All this time I didn’t even know myself. I made another one and why I knew it. I got lost to find myself.

Time is now!

I made a mistake, I should have remembered, I know. I don’t know what to say, it wasn’t for wanting, I just forgot.

Forgive, that hurt the chest. Love, forgive me, I do what I want.

so little without you.

How much is time, if all is over, love? I need you here.

makes me see from another angle everything I already thought to know and dominate.

Who made time take place inside the clock?

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