40 messages and quotes of thanks to God, who can and do everything

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The Lord is good and gives you countless graces daily! Therefore, it is good to celebrate the blessings received, as well as recognize how blessed you are. So check out the best messages and quotes of thanks to God to share your gratitude and yield thanks to the Most High for the graces achieved!

messages and quotes of thanks to God who recognize the outcome obstacles

Thank you, God, for today!

Lord God, today I don’t want to ask for anything, because I already asked so much and so much was given to me. I just want to thank you: thank you very much!

Thank you, God, for blessing me much more than I deserve.

Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful love.

I thank God for the achievements so far, but I ask Him to give me wisdom to achieve much more.

Dear God, today I woke up, I’m healthy, I’m alive, thanks!

Thank you, sir! Because when I needed it, you were with me.

Thank you for everything sir … for the fresh bed, for the night, for the day, for love.

Dear God, this time I don’t want to ask. I just want to thank you!

God, thanks for another day under your protection.

To thank God after He responds to a prayer, it is gratitude. Thank him in advance, it’s faith.

The best way to thank God is to devote to Him all his time, faith and love.

I thank God for being the happiest person in the world, because I have you by my sideā€¦

The more we thank God for life, the more motives we have to thank.

When we thank God for what we already have, we ask less for all that we do not deserve.

Never forget to thank God for the wonderful gift of life.

Thank you, my God, for always giving me your hand, as a loving Father and never abandoning your children.

Thank you, my God, for giving me much more than I need and bless me much more than I deserve!

God, thanks for giving me everything I need at the right time.

I would not have arrived where I arrived if it wasn’t with God’s help, because I know he guides every step of mine.

Dear God, I want to dedicate every minute, not to ask for anything from the Lord, but simply to say thank you for everything the Lord has done for me.

Thank you, Lord, for a new day.

Have you thanked God for today? There is still time!

Thank you, my God, for loving me and allowing me to have the strength to deal with adversity.

Thanks for giving me life every day, God.

It’s so much to thank you could spend hours and hours praying for you, sir.

It is for your light and grace that I keep firm every day. Thank you, Lord.

Every day I just have to thank you for being your daughter, God.

I can see God in every little piece of the world. Thank you for making yourself so present, sir!

After I knew the brightness of your wisdom, nothing more takes me out of your way. Thank you for being with me, my God.

Everything I have and everything I am, I owe you, my Lord. Thanks!

I want to thank you for every little thing I have in my life, my Lord.

Thanks for the strength that gives me every day to follow and realize my dreams without fear, my God!

Every day I learn to love me more, because you made me like this! Thank you, God.

Thank you for making me this strong and fearless person I am, just as you are, Lord.

My fuel to live is to know that you always look at me, tracing the best way always. Thank you, my God!

One thing is fact: God will never give you a bigger cross than the one you are able to carry! So be grateful for every detail of your trajectory.

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May gratitude be the force that guides your choices, as well as your walk. Also, recognizing the good things that happen to you attract even better situations!

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