40 messages and quotes of strength for friend who encourages her to continue fighting

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When someone dear is facing a difficult time, it is important to say that you support you and will help with whatever it takes. At these times, people forget that they are capable and need to be remembered. For this, check out the best strength messages and quotes for friend and say how much she is capable and will get if she persists!

Friend’s Strength messages and quotes that show your support and support

friend, it was just a bad situation, so life will be better and you will have a lot of reasons to celebrate.

friend, it is important for you to know that I will always be with you and will not let you face anything alone.

Trust your strength and your ability to defeat the obstacles that appear in your way, friend! I trust you.

I am not promising, it is God and when he says, things really get better.

When you think about giving up, remember that you have already endured larger bars and has my support to overcome this one.

Do not let doubts invade your thoughts, friend. Focus that everything will work out and will give!

I’m here to hear you, advise you, give you strength and be strong for you. Together, we can do everything, friend!

friend, if plan A didn’t work out due to God’s plan, which will be much better for you!

If I could, I would erase your suffering just to see you smiling, as I can’t, help you cross it, my friend!

Tomorrow will be a new day, with new blessings, new achievements and renewed joys. Trust, friend!

Think positive, friend. So you focus on what is good and get stronger to fight.

When this difficult time passes, you will realize that it was worth persisting and continuing to seek your happiness.

nobody knows you better than me, and when I say you are strong and will win, you must believe me, friend!

Go calmly, friend. So you can dedicate yourself better and focus your energy to what really matters.

You are strong, brave and dedicated, friend. Your plans will work because you strive to perform them.

Do not spend all your energy worrying whether it will work or not. Focus on doing. The rest you will see happen.

God is ahead of your footsteps, friend. He will open the ways and help you overcome your fears.

No need to be afraid, friend. I am by your side, I will be your source of strength and you will not have to walk alone.

Feed your hope with great faith and you will not be discouraged to fight for your dreams, friend!

My shoulder is available for you to cry, vent and clean your mind from everything that is disturbing you to follow. Will pass. I know your strength.

You have a purpose in what you are doing. Focus on it and don’t give up on your dreams, friend!

I’ll hear you, I will advise you and I will help you get out of this situation, my friend. I will only stop when I see you smiling.

Sometimes life gets gray, but I’m here to help you find your favorite colors again.

lift your head, friend, and look forward. It is in this direction that you should walk.

Falling doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you human. Now, get up and we walk that I will help you!

Success is in your destination, you just need to cross the difficulties to reach it. Everything will work out, friend!

If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, anyway it is right.

Your victory is already a certainty, friend, because God has already taken the lead and will make you see the glory of Him in this difficulty.

We gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience we truly stop to face fear.

Let’s not cry, friend, youth; We get older laughing, aging as the strong trees grow old, in the glory of joy and kindness, wrapping the birds in the branches, giving shadow and comfort to those who suffer.

People with a beautiful heart like you will win in life. Keep calm and keep doing your best, friend!

For those who have faith, life never has an end.

Believe me that you can, so you are already halfway.

You will be stronger, more beautiful and more victorious of this difficult time, friend. I’m sure of that!

We gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience we truly stop to face fear.

Love is the most subtle force in the world.

Deliver your fears, your plans and your dreams in the hands of God and He will strengthen you, friend!

Who always believes.

and let us surely have the difficulties already overcome that there is no harm that lasts forever.

You cannot control all events that happen to you, but you can decide not be affected by them.

The important thing is to be present and willing to help you with whatever you need. To extol this beautiful relationship you have, check out partnership messages and quotes and show that you are together for all things.

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