40 messages and quotes of songs in love to declare your feelings

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Declareing feelings is not always easy, but there are several ways to demonstrate everything that is stored in your heart, one of them is through music.

Therefore, we list to follow passionate music messages and quotes that will help you express all your love. Choose your favorite phrase and send it to the greatest passion of your life!

Passionate music messages and quotes for those who want to get the attention of Crush

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

With you that I would get married every day and woke you up with a thousand good morning kisses.

There are people who arrive and change our plans and make our lives walk forward!

My laugh is so happy with you, my best friend is my love.

You make me happy! Wants to know? You are all I always wanted.

But when I think of someone, it is for you that I close my eyes.

and I fell in love with you!

You know that love that multiplies, who has never dreamed of having this in life?

There is a piece of my chest well glued to yours, some key, some secret that holds me to yours.

I know I’ll love you, all my life I will love you!

I swear I don’t want anyone else, you do me so well!

freezes your look at mine, hide that you have already realized, that all my love is your love.

Come to my life, come, that I don’t want anything else or anyone.

Our love is above the things of this world!

And what is ours is stored in you and you!

I want you for yesterday, it’s past time!

I have nothing but love to give you…

The problem is that I love you, I have no doubt that with you would work.

I even love your defects, imagine the kisses.

and when I kissed you, it was better than I imagined.

Who made his smile … got his hand right!

I want to have you around, awake to your love.

I want to live in your arms forever.

I think 24 hours on you … I have no time to forget you!

Let me say that I love you, let me think of you.

From your love, I won’t give up!

We have known each other, but we are already talking about marriage.

For you I kept the love I never knew how to give.

and I choose you with all your defects and this crooked way of being!

From all the crazy ones in the world I wanted you, because your madness seems a bit with mine.

I love you and I will scream for everyone to hear.

If I didn’t love you that much, I might not see flowers, where I saw, inside my heart!

I will ask the sun to illuminate our path and all the stars to decorate our destination.

I will still take you elsewhere beyond the sun, the sea, where I can have you, love you.

The heart shoots, stumbles, almost stops, I fit in your smell and I leave me whole.

For you, I would dance tango on the ceiling, I would clean the subway tracks, I would walk from Rio to Salvador.

Be for me whatever you want, as long as my love is.

But if it is to talk about something good, I will always remember you.

Impossible not to remember our love, the trajectory, tattooed my heart, in my life made history!

Wherever I want me to go, I take you in the look.

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