40 messages and quotes of smile tumblr that will give you several reasons to be happy

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They say the smile is a great medicine for the soul and being happy for no specific reason is the best feeling we can have, isn’t it? So how about spreading very positive messages through your social networks? Take a look at these Tumblr smile messages and quotes and send these beautiful reflections to cheer up the day of your contacts.

Tumblr smile messages and quotes to send sadness away and enjoy the day

Your smile saves my day.

What do you suffer for? It has to smile on your face and live! Suffering is not worth it.

It’s that message that pulls a silly smile from your face.

Smile! This confuses who doesn’t want to see you well.

Happiness has wide smile, quiet heart and serene soul.

she is of exaggeration, strength, smile, love and faith.

I find in your smile a thousand reasons for mine.

is comfortable, my house is yours. My eyes, my smile, my body and my heart.

Company is needed to fill the face with smiles.

Smile until the end of me.

And every smile of mine has a little of God.

I completely pretend to be in your beast smile.

Look of the day: a true smile on the face.

That’s how I fell in love with you, with just a smile of yours.

throws the smile in the air and make all night shine.

It’s not a simple smile, it’s the smile that makes my heart beat faster, it’s the one that makes me walk in the clouds.

A smile that comes so deep that it can only have come out of the root of happiness.

You don’t know, but you are able to beat the world smiling.

I like people who take smiles from me, when I least expect it and I need it.

This is what I need: tranquility, peace and a daily dose of your smile.

It was in your smile that I found all the peace I needed.

I walk with a silly smile and a lighter heart and, coincidentally, with you on your head!

Everything becomes lighter when we open a sincere smile and thank the universe.

It has been like this: smiles without reason and happiness throbbing in the chest.

Your smile makes my world stop and the heart beat faster.

I would do absolutely everything to see you smiling again.

I close my eyes, I remember your laugh and open a happy smile.

Beautiful is the one who has as main feature a sincere smile.

Smiles are a way for the heart to overflow happiness.

My friends are the main reason for my smile, because it is in them that happiness lives.

Your smile saves me from any bad day.

Never give up on the things that make you smile.

Everything that gets you a smile is worth it.

Smile does not spend electricity and generates much more light.

It’s amazing all the bad things you can hide by putting a simple smile on your face.

My smile hides the anguish that my heart feels.

Joy is to look at your smile.

You have a smile that could freeze this whole city.

It was in the curves of your smile that I ended up losing myself.

There are days when I just want to cry, but I put a smile on my face and pretend that everything is fine.

Got a silly smile on the face just to read these sentences? So how about keeping smiling with these beautiful messages and quotes of happiness?

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