40 messages and quotes of short poems that thrill with brief lines

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A poem carries with it the intensity and greatness of the universe in its brief lines and rhymes. Its beauty lies in the unique ability to translate emotions and thoughts into a few carefully selected words. Next, check out this impactful selection of short poems messages and quotes that will show you the magnitude and power of simplicity!

Short poems messages and quotes about life

“Another world exists… another life…”

But what is going there?

As well as here, you are astonished and lost,

You will understand nothing…

Of course life is good

and joy, the only unspeakable emotion.

Of course I think you beautiful

and in ti blessing the love of simple things.

Of course I love you

and I have everything to be happy.

But it happens I’m sad …

While I was happy, they remained

A blue teapot with a peeled in the beak,

A bottle of pepper in the middle,

a bark and a very clean sky

with newly feedback stars.

resisted in their places, in their offices,

constituting the world for me, bulkhead

For what was an involvement:

sudden it is good to have a body to laugh

and shake the head. Life is more time

cheerful than sad. It is better to be.

will have a party

I’m going to dance

Until the shoe ask to stop.

Then I stop

Shoot the shoe

and I dance the rest of your life.


It’s all I feel


It’s succinct.

In this life

will not give

To define


so many are

of each

The read

Between the trips

and goings

from the heart

I decided to trust the uncertainty

and believe that I will

reach a place

right and good

No life is spherical

save the small –

These – show at once

and are in a hurry –

the big ones – grow slowly

and fall slowly –

The summer of the Hesperides

are long.

Halfway there was a stone

had a stone in the middle of the way

had a stone

Halfway there was a stone

I will never forget this event

In the life of my retinas so fatigated.

I will never forget that halfway

had a stone

had a stone in the middle of the way

Halfway there was a stone.

Before I knew I

What to do with stars in hand.

to tear their tip

or simply not touch them.

If they are close blind my eyes.

If you are far away.

Before I knew I

What to do with stars in hand.

Short Children’s Poems messages and quotes

The wave walk

Where are

the wave?

The wave still

Still wave




wave the wave.

Butterfly Swim

It’s nothing.

good is to fly like the damn.

I’m small, they tell me,

and I get very angry.

I have to look at everyone

With the chin raised.

But, if it spoke

I would say, for sure:

– My, how big!

Live you, my boy, the beautiful years

Next to Teus, in Sweet Company

than the best in human hearts,

and make this eternal day.

In the mystery of the endless

a planet is balanced.

E, on the planet, a garden,

E, in the garden, a flower bed;

In the flowerbed a violet,

and, about it, all day,

Between the planet and the non-end,

the wing of a butterfly.

How many times do we, in search of the ventura,

proceeds as the unfortunate avozinho:

In vain, everywhere, the glasses are looking for

having them at the tip of the nose!

Rio Vai,

Andorinha comes.

Rio has fun,

the swallow too!

Answer me you

that looks like a Sabichão

If caterpillar turns butterfly

Why not train?

The boy asks the echo

Where does it hide.

But the echo only responds: “Where? Where?”

The boy also asks him:

“Eco, come for a walk with me!”

But you don’t know if Eco is friend

or enemy.

For it only hears to say:


The child looks

to the blue sky.

Raise your hand,

wants to touch the sky.

Do not feel the child

That heaven is illusion:

believes that it does not reach,

When you have it in hand.

messages and quotes of short poems of love

There are those who pass

and everything goes on

With steps already past

There are those who leave

from stone to glass

leave everything broken

and have, well,

Those who leave

The vacancy print

to have stayed.

Being seeks the other being, and in knowing it

finds the reason for being, already divided.

There are two in one: love, sublime seal

That to life prints color, grace and meaning.

“Love” – ​​I said – and flowered a rose

embalming the melodious afternoon

In the most hidden corner of the garden,

But your perfume didn’t come to me.

If you love me, love me softly

Not the shouts from the roofs

Leave the birds at peace

Leave me alone!

If you want me,


It has to be very slow, loved,

That life is brief, and love even sooner…

from all corners of the world

I love with a stronger and deeper love

that ecstatic and naked beach,

where I join the sea, the wind and the moon.

smell to earth the trees and the wind

That spring fills with perfumes

But I just want and just look for

Wild wave examination

rising to the stars as a pure scream.

love me. It’s time yet. Question me.

And I will tell you that our time is now.

splendid haughtiness, vast venture

Because the dream you elaborate is wider

for so long your own tessitura.

love me. Although I look like you

Too intense. And of Pressure.

and transient if you rethink me.

The flame of my love makes my robes burning.

It is such a beautiful song to crackle

My mother comforts herself,

My father understands me without questions

And the king is so surprised

that decides in my favor

A review of the laws.

I love as love love.

I know no other reason to love but love.

May you want to tell you, besides I love you,

If what do I mean is what I love you?

The memory of your kisses

in the worker there is

As a lost perfume,

In the leaves of a sad book.

So weird perfume

and such softness,

that even missing

Revive in a longing!

I don’t want to have you

To fill my empty parts

I want to be full alone

I want to be so complete

that could illuminate the city

and just there

I want to have you

Because we both together

we set fire to everything.

Flower of chance or stunning bird,

Word tremendous in the networks of poetry,

Your name, like destination, arrives,

Your name, my love, your name born

Of all the colors of the day!

Short poems messages and quotes with rhymes

All these who are there

delegating my way,

They will pass…

I Passarinho!

Ó with brief odor,

I did not prove your vigor,

reject me

Until my pledge,

My saved flower,

deserves you.

Once upon a time there was a Chinese cat

that called me to eat a plaid chicken

In the bar where he was a customer

and me, like a bitch cat

I packed because I could always

and I made it my plate of the day.

The body gives in

Letters succeed yourself

A crazy verse appears

All headquarters die

Pieces of prayers are moved

rises where you come down.

Oiti: The Cicada Zine:

Invitation to the beach. Tine

the sun on the hip, and the minimum

veil, dissolve from the bikini.

I saw the moon output

I had a tasteful taste

In front of the house your

These are fly that the world gives.

I grew up under a quiet ceiling

My dream was a little dream of mine.

In the science of care I was trained.

Now, between my being and the being of others,

The border line broke.

Don’t open you with your friend

That he another friend has.

And your friend’s friend

has friends too …

Between external debt

and internal doubt

my heart



Your body be embed

and my home

consumed in the fire

a fire just

To consummate this game

A bonfire arrives

For me to play again.

It is indisputable that every verse of a poem is a work of art itself, which paints living pictures in the minds of its readers and translates perceptions.

With depth and harmony, words – even in the smallest sentences – fit into a perfect context, forming a trail full of feelings and reflections.

If you are in love with poems and want to keep checking the beauty of the diversity of the verses, be sure to take a look at these enchanting messages and quotes of beautiful poems. Inspire poetry and exhale new sensations.

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