40 messages and quotes of rest in peace that express the pain of a loss

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No one is ever prepared for a loss. The departure of those who love themselves is something that marks the heart and soul in a deep way, leaving a lot of longing. And precisely for this reason, words are missing at the time of farewell. Then check out messages and quotes of rest in peace that overflows affection and talk about the pain of a mourning.

Resting messages and quotes in peace to say goodbye to love and respect

If I knew that this would be our last hug, I would never have let go. Rest in peace!

longing is consuming me and I no longer know what my life will be like without you. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! I know it is now in a better place, together with God and all angels.

The pain and longing I am feeling now may never go through, but I understand it was better that way. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! I know that even alone, I need to follow my way, but the pain of losing you will be forever.

Life was not fair to you, you didn’t deserve to go through any of this. I miss you, rest in peace!

Be at peace! May God receive you with open arms, you deserve the best of rest.

Today a light goes out here on earth to shine incessantly there in heaven. Rest in peace!

Longing is great, but after much suffering and fighting for life, now you can rest in peace.

Your strength and resilience will always be inspiration to me. I will always love you. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! I know we’ll meet in eternity, but the longing you are making it hurt too much.

Only the Lord can comfort the pain we are feeling for your departure. Rest in peace, be with the angels!

Knowing that you are no longer among us to tear my heart. Rest in peace!

I will always remember your stories, your delicacies, your affection and the sound of your laugh. You were light and will continue to be. Rest in peace!

I feel that a part of me is leaving with you. Rest in peace, but look at me too!

Rest in peace! I will take care of ours for now. I know I won’t be as good as you, but I promise to do my best.

Today I lost my safe haven and everything I feel now is sadness and longing. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! May the Lord comfort the hearts of all who loved you, for living without you will not be easy.

Part of my story and everything I am departed today … Now I only miss you. Rest in peace!

Your departure is overwhelming and the days without you have lost meaning … Rest in peace! Your absence will be felt.

I will never forget your sweet smile and the energy your heart emanated. Rest in peace, but be light!

Nothing I do or say will bring you back, or will soften this pain … Rest in peace in the arms of the Lord!

God collected you from the earth to live wonders on another plane. Here we will miss you. Rest in peace!

Surely life without your presence will be very difficult, but you can rest in peace! You will always be special.

Rest in peace! My heart will be with you forever and until the end of time.

Rest in peace! God’s will is undeniable, but I cannot deny that longing is burning in the heart.

I have no words to describe the size of the pain I’m feeling with your departure. Take care of us up there. Rest in peace!

saying goodbye hurts. The anguish of not having her around consumes me whole. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! We know nothing about what awaits us after this life, but I prefer to believe it is extraordinary.

You loved living in a unique and beautiful way. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy it anymore. Rest in peace!

Death is unfair and it takes from us what we love most. Rest in peace, my eternal angel!

You spent your life dedicated to our home and our family, your departure leaves a huge emptiness between us. Rest in peace!

Life has been gray since you left, for nothing more is funny without your presence. Rest in peace!

I’m sad for your departure, but I know the sky is celebrating for receiving someone as special as you. Rest in peace!

Your wide smile and the bland jokes will be missed. Rest in peace, your joy will be forever remembered!

I will never overcome your loss. You were my person, my joy, my partner in everything. Rest in peace!

It seems like a lie, the record that you will not be here tomorrow has not fallen … rest in peace is all I can say now.

I want to think that you are making a beautiful trip and soon we will meet again. I will miss you, rest in peace!

I will keep every memory of yours in my heart so that the pain of your departure can be softened. Rest in peace!

Rest in peace! His soul was unique and his joy, incomparable. I will live in mourning for your departure.

The absence of those who love yourself, whether a family member or a friend, is painful that comes out many feelings, such as longing, love, sadness and even anger.

And in this whirlwind of emotions, it can be extremely difficult to express what you feel and say goodbye to the loved one. But the words, whether written, read or spoken, can help at this delicate moment.

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