40 messages and quotes of reflection on loneliness that express the weight of abandonment

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If you ever felt alone, recognize the impact of the feeling of loneliness. Accompanied by the feeling of non -belonging and insecurities, it makes you feel abandoned by those who love it most. However, it is extremely important to talk about these emotions in order to vent and understand them. Reflection messages and quotes on loneliness below can help you in this process. Check it out!

Reflection messages and quotes on solitude to vent about abandonment and sadness

Solitude causes irreparable evils for soul, mind and heart.

In a desert world, we are thirsty to find a friend.

Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible to live alone, you were born slave.

I often catch myself questioning what makes people never stay with me …

People are able to talk about anything but empty heart and loneliness. The fear of these feelings prevents them from putting the pain out.

You experience loneliness in your life and mourn the lack of people. How many times do you get lost in yourself because there is no one by your side?

The feeling of loneliness makes you believe that no one cares. Don’t believe him!

It is scary to see yourself alone in the crowd. It’s terrible to feel abandoned and empty … but it’s even worse to have anyone to talk about it.

No one loves you, nobody wants you, no one knows you, no one has access to your soul. Your neuras are just yours, and it seems that nothing and no one fills this emptiness.

Some people say they care, but at the first opportunity they disappear and leave you wandering for loneliness.

The worst loneliness is that of the person who does not love.

I appreciate the moments when I am in my own company, but sometimes, when I look around and see no one striving to be by my side, dive into the deepest feeling of sadness.

Only enter my life if you intend to remain. If you are going to leave, leave me alone!

Solitude is beast, loneliness devours. He is a friend of the time, a cousin of time and makes our watches walk slowly causing a mismatch in my heart.

I hate who steals me the loneliness without truly offering me company.

How many times have you been imagining how good it would be not alone?

For days we wake up wanting a hug, a friendly word, a relaxed conversation, but all you find is loneliness in the middle of the house, making everything gray and cold.

We are all in a loneliness and a crowd at the same time.

I’m not alone, I’m alone. Solitude is a place from which you can leave when you are ready for it.

I started to enumerate on my fingers who could miss me: left fingers.

We need people, love, laughter, bullshit, hugs … Living alone destroys the beauty of existence.

Happiness is to share moments with those who love. Solitude is unaware of this.

I thought I had friends, but in the end we die alone.

having a friend is not something that everyone can boast.

The constant anguish of being abandoned awakens the worst side of your human.

My God, life is loneliness, despite all the opioids, despite the false brightness of the cheerful “parties” without any purpose, despite the false smiling countenance that we all sport

Fundamental is really love, it is impossible to be happy alone.

Loneliness does not resist the infinite love of God.

All hell is contained in this only word: loneliness.

Now I know: I’m alone. Me and my freedom I don’t know how to use. Great responsibility for loneliness.

Life needs to be shared.

No loneliness is a match for a meeting of friendly souls.

I’m already full of feeling empty.

Pain is not always scary, sometimes what scares is to pass it alone.

My ghosts made my loneliness in addiction.

Discreetly, I sent help signs to friends. No one helped. I turned around alone. This hardened me a little more.

Flowers of any garden will be if you leave it.

The feeling of loneliness cools loves, kills hopes, freezes the heart, destroys the faith. It’s just destroying lives.

Each will run away, endure or love loneliness in the exact proportion of the value of your personality.

I’m great alone, but I’m even better with those who do me good!

Any and all feeling that generates sadness needs to be placed out in some way. For this, how about checking and sharing these loneliness messages and quotes for status? Expressing emotions is also part of the healing process!

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