40 messages and quotes of philosophers about education that lead to reflect on the subject

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Education is one of the most important parts of our society! Essential, she made us who we are and is responsible for the citizens who will still be trained. Given its complexity, it was meditated by many philosophers and thinkers. These reflections deserve to be shared and widespread. Therefore, we select philosopher messages and quotes about education. Check it out and share with a lover about the theme!

Philosophers of philosophers about education that inspire and radiate wisdom

Education is the unfolding of the soul. Therefore, update certain powers that exist within the human soul.

The ideal of education is not to learn to the fullest, maximize results, but it is first and foremost to learn to learn, it is to learn to develop and learn to continue to develop after school.

All stories have an end, but mine continues… we plan and we don’t always see the fruit of our full work, but fortunately others will continue.

To educate is not to repeat words, it is to create ideas, it is to delight.

It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without his presence very much, so that he may always be ready to provide the necessary assistance, but never being an obstacle between the child and his experience.

There is no life without correction, without rectification.

When education is not liberating, the dream of the oppressed is UFEFF to be the oppressor.

No one is born done, no one is born marked to be this or that. On the contrary, we become this or that. We are programmed, but to learn.

It will not be preferable to correct, recover, and educate a human being who cut his head?

In political discourses education is first, in concrete action is last.

It is in the problem of education that rests on the great secret of the improvement of humanity.

To learn without reflecting is to waste energy.

Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People transform the world.

man is nothing but what education makes him.

If education is a transformation of a reality, according to a better idea we have, and if education can only be socially characterized, it will be that pedagogy is the science of transforming society.

The teacher must adopt the role of facilitator, not content provider.

man’s education begins at the time of his birth; Before you speak, before you understand, you are already instructed.

The more abstract the truth than you want to teach, the more you have to seduce feelings in your favor.

Education must enable body and soul all the perfection and beauty they can have.

To educate is not to teach the answers. To educate is to teach to think.

Who opens a school closes a prison.

It is in the problem of education that rests on the great secret of the improvement of humanity.

Educators, before being experts in knowledge tools, should be experts in love: dream interpreters.

To educate is to grow. And to grow is to live. Education is thus life in the most authentic sense of the word.

man, as a historical being, inserted in a permanent movement of search, makes and redo his knowledge.

In a transition world, both students and teachers need to teach themselves an essential skill – they need to learn to learn.

Society, and each particular social environment, determine the ideal that education realizes.

Without the education of sensitivities, all skills are foolish and meaningless.

The birth of thought is the same as the birth of a child: it all starts with an act of love.

Education is the art of making man ethical.

Education feeds confidence. Trust feeds hope. Hope feeds peace.

Man’s education should begin with poetry, be fortified by the fair conduct and consummate in music.

Education develops colleges, but it does not create them.

There are schools that are cages and there are schools that are wings.

I dare to expose here the most important, the largest, the most useful rule of all education? It is not gaining time, but wasting it.

Education is the biggest and most difficult problem imposed on man.

Education, whatever it is, is always a theory of knowledge put into practice.

The initial orientation that someone receives from education also marks their further conduct.

Do not educate children in the various disciplines using forcibly, but as if it were a game, so that you can also better observe the natural disposition of each one.

All human education must prepare everyone to live for each other in order to revive in the other.

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