40 messages and quotes of motivation and faith that inspire you not to give up what you believe

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Life is not always easy. We face moments of difficulties and trials. At these times, we need to keep firm and not give up. This is the only way to get somewhere. In order not to be discouraged, faith is our great ally. With that in mind, we have selected the best motivation and faith messages and quotes that give you an up in this battle. Check it out!

messages and quotes of Motivation and Faith to follow firmly on your way

Feed your dreams with faith and you will have everything you need to accomplish them.

Faith feeds hope and gives us motivation to fight for our dreams and goals.

It is important to believe something because it makes us stronger to fight for our dreams.

The greater the faith, the greater the trials, but the greater the victories.

God is great and has great things prepared for you. Keep faith and keep battling for what is already yours.

The situation you are living will teach you many things, you just need to stay firm, with faith and keep fighting for your victory.

Without faith, there is no hope. We need both to strengthen and overcome the challenges of everyday life.

Having faith in you is what will never give you give up on what you believe.

It is the faith that makes us believe that nothing is impossible and that everything we dream can one day become real.

victorious people are those who maintain faith and motivation, especially in the most difficult times.

Do not listen when the world tells you to give up, your faith is greater than anything you try to knock you down.

If your livelihood comes from God, then nothing will be able to knock you down.

If you believe you can win, you will have even more strength to fight for what you want.

You asked in prayer and God heard you. Wait for him to be preparing a shower of blessings for you.

Everything you want will be conquered if you keep faith and willpower to accomplish.

Never doubt what you are able. With God in front of you, you can do everything!

You can’t have faith and wait sitting. You also need to do your part.

If things take time to happen, don’t be discouraged. God is preparing your heart to welcome this news, doing something grand and it takes time.

Life is really difficult, but if we have faith that things will improve, we will be stronger to overcome each of our challenges.

God is righteous and meets the requests of those who never doubt His Word. Have faith!

Waiting is the hardest part for those who have faith, but it is when we put it to the test and we need to strengthen it even more. What is yours is to come.

The most inspiring stories were written by people who kept faith and have not stopped fighting.

There are many stones on the way, but if necessary, God will teach us to fly so we can cross them.

God’s act is perfect and your time is right. Keep faith and wait for beautiful achievements.

It is the faith that strengthens us to face daily battles and win our victory.

climb the first step with faith. It is not necessary for you to see the entire stairs, just take the first step.

God is my friend, he is with me, with him I will win. Only in him can I believe because God knows what he does!

The answer is in God and his faith. Never doubt it and your victory.

When you go through difficult times and wonder where God will be, remember that during a test, the teacher is silent.

I’ll believe it, even if everyone says it won’t give it. I will believe your strength will support you. I will believe in you, my faith will move the mountains.

You are a warrior, your faith is your weapon and your shield against the difficulties of life.

Wherever you are, whatever, have faith, because even in the dump is born flower.

To live is to cherish dreams and hopes, making faith our greatest inspiration. It is searching for little things, a great reason to be happy!

Be at peace because God is already preparing the terrain for your victory.

points to faith and pad.

Only you go out of disadvantage if you have no faith … For those who have faith, life never has an end

When we are weak, our faith must be strengthened and that is where God operates miracles and brings us the greatest victories.

It is no use looking at heaven with much faith and little fight.

It is not the amount of your faith that will save you. A drop of water is as true water as the whole ocean.

Do not let the difficult times take your floor. Your steps are guided by faith and you will have your feet firmly throughout your walk.

Let your faith enlighten your steps and guide you to victory. To inspire you even more, check out our winner messages and quotes and celebrate the achievements that will still come.

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