40 messages and quotes of missing your boyfriend to dream about him by your side

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There is nothing better than spending the day grabbed with our love, kissing, hugging and loving. But having to say goodbye and staying away from him after such wonderful moments is very painful.

However, what you can do to deal with longing is to keep loving yourself by messages, calls, photos and all possible ways. So you will feel like you’re together again.

We made a selection of missing messages and quotes for you to say how hard it is being without him around. He will feel very special and loved. Check it out and share!

Longing messages and quotes for the boyfriend to those who wanted to be close

Hed a longing for your hug.

I dreamed of you and woke up with a good longing.

Honey, tell me what we do when the longing is awesome.

For you I wait for the time, I learn to live with this absurd longing. Because I know it will be worth it when we are together.

How could you not miss yours if you are part of me, my love and my life?

You are the name of longing I feel every night before bed.

I’m missing you, my love.

Time hurries when I’m inside your hug and torture me when I’m in your longing. I love you!

If I could order, I would want to have you here with me.

When I think of you, I feel like going to find you and kill this longing.

I’m cold, I miss you, I’m so much, less with you.

I’m missing you, my desire. I miss the kiss and honey. Of your affectionate look. Of your tasty hug. To walk in your sky.

I’m with symptoms of longing, I’m thinking of you.

The Ministry of Health warns: Seeing you away from me makes me miss you.

I miss you, my love. You haven’t even left yet, but I miss you. It looks like our home was empty.

Know that wherever you are, I miss you.

The night was made to sleep, but mine was made to miss you. I miss being with you!

How long do we need to see each other forever and never feel this longing?

longing is what is when it is not possible to stay.

If one day feels a light breeze touch your face, this will be my longing that kisses you in silence.

I miss your kiss, your smell, your hug. I miss you all the time, love.

When the longing hits, it hurts. Come kill this longing with me.

The longing for you is dripping through my eyes.

and there is no medicine that heals this longing that I am from you.

Longing is the price you pay for living unforgettable moments.

I miss you and a love that grows with every new dawn, for only we know how much we want.

Feeling you are the most painful feeling, but also the hottest, because they miss love!

love, it doesn’t take long, because longing can’t wait.

Feeling someone is the way the heart reminds us how much we love someone.

Whenever I miss you I remember the importance that our love has in my life.

You are longing, it’s joy, it’s life, it’s my choice. I love you!

I miss you so much that my heart is repeating your name all day.

I miss you and you haven’t even left yet.

I miss you and willingly.

wanted to be closer to you to get rid of this longing that won’t leave.

I love you so much that tears comfort the immense longing I feel for you.

Solitude smells of longing and longing has its perfume.

help me get rid of this longing that I feel to have you here? Just run here, be close to me!

What I feel is longing, honey. I miss you that one day will still explode my heart.

If you could see how my heart cries of longing would not move away from me or me second.

Staying away from those we love squeezes our hearts and leaves us crazy to longing. See our list with longing messages and quotes and share who you most wanted on your side now!

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