40 messages and quotes of love lost to gather the cups of your heart

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Although love is a beautiful feeling, it is often able to provoke us suffering, especially when we are disappointed with the beloved person to find that it is not as we thought.

Thus, we list to follow lost love messages and quotes to help you overcome and move on, because we are sure that your true love will soon arise. Check it out!

Lost love messages and quotes for those suffering from loving disappointment

Never cry for lost love, because if he got lost, it is because he was never yours.

My biggest mistake was letting you grow inside me, without even existing inside you.

It was the end, we didn’t work anymore. The kiss had no love anymore, I don’t know, we were two people who loved each other, but who didn’t work together.

Sometimes loving means letting go, even if you want to embrace hard.

I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed. You have become everything you said it would never be.

that I am good to have garden to water, if the hummingbird I had, hit wings and began to fly.

You were the most important person of my life and you ended up with me.

I’m not angry with you, I’m disappointed with me for believing you would be worth it. And you can be sure, this feeling is much worse.

One hour you will miss me, you will miss my perfume out of nowhere, you will miss the way I loved you and it will be late.

I won’t cry, nor will I regret it. It was eternal while it lasted, it was sincere our love, but it came to an end.

I can forget what you said to me, but I will never forget how you made me feel.

It was sad to see you proving that you were really all that others spoke.

longing gives, always gives, but we disguise, sleep, drink a coffee and pretense that forgets.

I did my best to please you, but my best was never good enough.

Someone asked if I knew you, one million memories went through my mind and I whispered: no more.

It is better to have lost and loved than ever to have loved.

You really hurt me, but I can’t hate it, you also gave me more joy than I had in years of life.

One day we simply change. Feelings are running out and the heart makes new choices.

You made a mistake, I forgave. I was wrong, you left me.

I missed you, I confess that I cried and everything. But now it does so much, I realized that who lost a great person was you and not me.

You notice that love ended when you start to feel better on your own than when you are in his presence.

You could be the love of my life, but you preferred to be my greatest disappointment.

remembers when we arrived one day to believe that everything was forever, not knowing that forever, always ends.

cut my heart to know for third parties that you had arranged someone else, while I had not even arranged the mess you left in my life.

I was like a flower. You started all the petals.

The past is a lesson to meditate, not to reproduce. If you get the lost love back, you will certainly not have the same intensity.

I just wanted to forget that you existed in my life and broke me in countless pieces.

You reminded me why I stopped believing in promises …

By the bedroom window I saw the city lights if they go out one by one, that’s when I wanted to erase you from me.

Someone when part is because someone else will arrive, I will find love again.

We could have been everything, right? We chose to be missed.

I showed my qualities, but I didn’t hide my side full of defects and they became enough reason for him to leave.

In your sky, I was just a passing cloud.

and the same unexpected way you arrived, you are gone.

We were going to be happy, we were going to be each other, we would … and it wasn’t.

You go and I sinks in a melancholy to taste.

The poet is right: Love is the saddest thing when it falls.

I realized that everything changed when I no longer smile when I remembered your name.

Only what is lost is ours forever.

I don’t know when “you and me” stopped being “us”.

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