40 messages and quotes of Legião Urbana for you to demonstrate your love for the band

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Urban Legion is a Brazilian rock band, born in 1982 in Brasilia. Founders Renato Russo and Marcelo Bonfá, along with Dado Villa-Lobos and Renato Rocha were successful throughout Brazil, bearing the name of the group to be recognized. Other musicians also left their brand in the band during the years and their various formations.

The group was consecrated in the country with its eight studio recorded albums. Surely you’ve heard “Eduardo and Monica”, “Faroeste Cabloco” and “It’s still early.” These are just some of the band’s hits, which has several hits that last to this day.

Want to know a little more about these people who changed the Brazilian rock scene? So continue here and check out our selection of messages and quotes from Legião Urbana. Get inspired and squeeze the play!

messages and quotes from Legião Urbana for Facebook

If you love spending time on social networks and does not leave Facebook, how about posting something inspiring to play your friends? Check out this list of messages and quotes from Legião Urbana to Facebook and publish some in your timeline!

We will lose ourselves among monsters of our own creation.

We still have a lot to do, don’t look back, we just start.

We are new bird away from the nest.

With you around I liked me more.

humanity is inhuman, but we still have a chance, the sun is born for everyone.

I got my balance by processing insanity, everything is lost but there are possibilities.

It took me a while to find a place where you didn’t hurt me anymore.

say what they say, the evil of the century is loneliness. Each of us immersed in its own arrogance

messages and quotes of the Urban Legion of Love

Have you ever heard any music that, directly or indirectly, do not deal with love? They are rare! But in this post we are talking about a group expert in this type of music. There is no way not to be inspired and stop to reflect with these messages and quotes of the Urban Legion of Love, check out:

Who will one day say that there is reason in things done by the heart?

I want to hear a love song that speaks of my situation.

Although I spoke the language of men and spoke the language of angels, without love I would be nothing.

I made myself in a thousand pieces for you to join.

If you were a drink, I would repeat the dose. If you were a drug, it would go into overdose.

I think I loved you, now I think I hate you.

and nowadays how do you say I love you?

You have to love people as if there was no tomorrow. Because if you stop to think, there is actually no.

Urban Legion messages and quotes on Life

The group also has several inspiring and reflective songs that are in the head of thousands of listeners. To this day, some excerpts of the band’s songs are known and used. We selected a list of the best messages and quotes of Legião Urbana about life for you to read and share, check out:

I don’t know where I’m going, I just know I’m not lost, I learned to live one day at a time.

wanted to be like the others and laugh at the misfortunes of life. Or pretend to always be well, see the lightness of things with humor …

If the world ended today, would you be pleased with the things you did in this life? Because if it wouldn’t be, it is better to start hitting your bills.

Life continues and surrendering is nonsense.

my life all expects something from me.

Life is kind of strange: I know a lot of people who have everything to be happy, and love to suffer.

Changes, distance, arrivals, matches, are part of life. Used.

We can always try life elsewhere. And we can always be happy. And smile.

Urban Legion messages and quotes for Tattoo

Some songs are so touching that they become perfect for tattoo lovers. For fans, having a phrase from a song from their favorite band is even more special. Have you thought about eternalizing some musical stretch in your body? Check out this list of Urban Legion messages and quotes for Tattoo We selected and get inspired:

To have kindness is to have courage.

And the wind takes everything away …

Infinity is really one of the most beautiful gods.

We have our own time.

They can even mistreat my heart … May my spirit no one will be able to break.

Who thinks for themselves is free.

The world starts now.

Always in front, we don’t have time to waste.

Urban Legion messages and quotes for Photos

Photos are the best way to show the world how we are and how we feel at that time of the camera click. Subtitles are also a way of giving a nice message to those who accompany us on social networks. How about using a song for that? Choose one of the messages and quotes from Legião Urbana for photos we have listed below and use as a subtitle!

and I know you know almost unintentionally… that I want the same as you.

The wealth we have, no one can see.

I live on the street, I have no one. I live anywhere.

If you were just missing you, but there is always something more …

and I’m still confused only now it’s different, I’m so quiet and so happy.

I’m almost sure I’m not from here.

I lost count of how many times I held the world of others and dropped mine.

Strange party with weird people.

Now that you have checked this selection of the best messages and quotes of Legião Urbana, how about also knowing the singer of the group? Check out this list of messages and quotes from Renato Russo and get inspired!

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