40 messages and quotes of happiness tumblr to cheer up your day

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There is no doubt that everyone wants to be happy, but finding happiness is a more complicated task than it seems. The adversities of life sometimes steal our smiles and click their days. And for moments, the tip is to check out these messages and quotes of happiness tumblr full of good energies. Enjoy and share!

messages and quotes of happiness Tumblr to put sadness aside and focus on the good side of things

Happiness we build on the way!

Happiness has hit her, like a train on the tracks. Coming towards you, stopped, no return.

Like the land that joins the sea, happiness followed me.

Happiness is when the mouth is too small for the smile that the soul wants to give.

and finally, I found a way to be happy.

Be grateful for what you have today and what you can earn tomorrow.

When you don’t know what to ask, ask happiness.

Happiness can be found even in the hardest time if you remember lighting the light.

Count your age for friends, not years. Tell your life for smiles, no tears.

The most important thing is to enjoy life. Being happy is all that matters.

I felt my lungs inflate with the advance of the landscape – air, mountains, trees, people. I thought: this is being happy!

From experience, you can almost always enjoy things if you decide firmly that you will do it.

Be happy and not be afraid to show the world.

Happiness is in the small things in everyday life, which we often don’t even notice.

Happiness is in others and ourselves.

Happiness is the combination of luck with well made choices.

I went to be happy and forgot to go back.

Negativity is what is preventing you from being really happy.

Beautiful is to be good with life.

A smile has the power to end wars and appease to hearts.

The day to be happy is today! So don’t waste time.

Happiness is gratitude to life.

Life can be a sea of ​​roses if you know where to reap flowers.

Gratitude generates good energies, which generates happiness.

Because happiness, as well as love, is spark – and spark makes no noise.

Nothing like one day after the other to show us that there are still things that are worth it.

My greatest synonym for happiness: you!

May our lives be full of what makes us good.

Life becomes happier when we realize that our problems are not even that big.

Living one day at a time makes everything easier and more happy. Remember that!

If you make you happy, don’t worry about what others say.

My heart overflows joy when I have the right people.

When they ask me what I want to be I answer: Simple … Happy!

The secret of happiness is happiness in secret.

A sincere smile is able to illuminate the darkest nights.

Love and happiness go hand in hand and take us away.

It is better for a smile on your face than a tear in your eye.

Happiness can be split at times, so know how to enjoy each one of them.

More than being happy, I want to bring joy to everyone who crosses my way.

The smile is the most beautiful curve in anyone’s body.

Impossible not to tear a smile after so many beautiful messages, right? To remain very high spirits, the tip is to take a look at these happy moments of happy moments.

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