40 messages and quotes of gospel songs to demonstrate faith beyond prayer

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With so many religions and ways to connect with the Divine, there are also several ways to manifest faith. Some express the love and belief within themselves with dance, others through the written words and still have those who hum and put their voice to the world to hear!

If you are one of those who believe in the Creator and love to show your devotion by the voice, you are in the right place! Check out this beautiful selection of gospel music messages and quotes, for you who love to have it close in everyday life. Let’s see?

Romantic Gospel Music messages and quotes

One of the most beautiful ways to demonstrate your devotion and love for the Lord is through songs full of passion. Check out these romantic gospel music messages and quotes.

Your love makes me so well… you transformed me.

Your love has found and changed my life.

I’m living in this world, but what I want is to find you. So I ask more than anything: come back!

Come warm my cold heart with your love.

I feel so loved. This is good for our hearts when there is someone to share a great love.

In addition to boyfriend you are a friend, give up dreams to dream with me.

I woke up and saw that your name was well kept and protected in God to me!

Until one day in the bus happened, our lives met, thank you my God.

I confess. It’s hard to hide. I disguise my smile see you.

If I could color the sky, I would tell you how much I love you.

Gospel music messages and quotes for tattoo

Recording on the skin a sentence is very special and important. Why not tattoo a message from God? See this selection of gospel music messages and quotes to tattoo.

My God is the God of the impossible.

My strength is in you.

Make the Lord’s joy your strength.

My faith will take me further.

I don’t guide what I see, but I follow what I believe!

With a head held high and keeping faith in God.

God’s plans are greater than your.

I can do everything that strengthens me.

Protected by Jesus Christ.

Love is God in fullness.

Gospel music messages and quotes for photo alone

We don’t always find a nice caption to post along with that beautiful photo we took alone. Check out these gospel music messages and quotes for photo alone.

so that I can live, your life he delivered.

The moment may even disappear from memory, but there is a God in heaven that does not despise your story!

My heart is thirsty for you, my king and God my!

Open the doors of your heart well and let the light of heaven enter.

I have in me the mark of love and it shines, shines wherever it is!

My lawyer lives there in the sky. True and fair, forever faithful!

God hid me right under his wings.

It’s so good to be smiling when everything goes well!

I can’t devote my time with the things that are lost in the wind.

I decided to dream of God’s dreams.

Gospel music messages and quotes for status

With so many bad news being posted on social networks, some positive and encouraging message is always welcome! See these gospel music messages and quotes for status!

Don’t you see that the giant is much smaller than God’s hand?

The God I serve is faithful, He does not fail!

When I think it is my end, you have a fresh start.

No prayer with faith is in vain.

I learned to worship you for what you are.

I won’t care what the world says, the important thing is what my God thinks of me!

When God wants to act, no one can stop!

And whoever humbled you will see God exalt you, and everyone will know that God is with you!

I improve me, shape my heart, listen to the sound that flows from my worship!

Because the Lord is my greatest good.

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