40 messages and quotes of friendship songs to sing your love

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You know when you want to honor someone special, but don’t know how? These friendship music messages and quotes will translate everything you feel to your friend. They are perfect for photo subtitles, birthday honors, sing along or remember how important that person is in your life. Be sure to declare your love!

Friendship song messages and quotes to celebrate your affection with a beautiful soundtrack

It was God who consecrated you and me to be good friends, in one heart. So I will be here when everything seems without solution.

Friend I will never give up on you and for your life I will intercede. Even if I’m far away, my love will find you because you are impossible to forget.

and you can call me tacky, but it’s a simple fact: I still protect you!

friends forever is what we will be in spring or in any of the stations. In sad hours, in moments of pleasure, friends forever.

You, my friend of faith, my brother comrade. Friend of so many paths and hours.

You support me every day. It’s good to have a friend.

You are my sun and and I want you to know that my feelings are true. I really love you, you are my best friend.

In your lap, it’s my shelter.

We are different in a good way. Together is where we belong.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile. Thanks for you exist, friend.

I will hear you when the world cannot understand you. It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could have.

Always alive in memory, it is part of my story. Nothing will separate us, friendship is everything!

Friend is a blessing that comes from the heart of God for us to take care.

There is nothing I would change in you. Because you are wonderful the way you are.

I don’t know if it’s a human being or if it’s an angel. Exaggeration is talking about you. I spend my time admiring you!

I need a hug, someone to drive me. And a real friend is not around. And that’s why friend, I’m here.

An angel of the sky that chose me. I will be your port, guardian of purity.

I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to fall. I’ll be there for you as I was before. I’ll be there for you, because you are there for me too.

If you have problems, I have too. There is nothing I would not do for you.

pulls the chair because we have all afternoon. True friendship, we feel.

Let’s play our favorite songs and let’s scream all night. It’s just me and my girls.

We are friends for real, for a lifetime until you die. And who doubts can believe, we are friends.

It’s so good to travel together and live by enjoying everything.

Count on me in difficult times. A friendship that will never end!

We find out what we are made when we are called to help our friends in need. You can count on me like one, two, three and I will be there.

It may be true that I can’t live without you. Two is better than one.

When you smile, I smile.

I see your true colors shining inside and that’s why I love you.

covenant stronger than blood, for you choose to love me for who I am.

Wherever you go, just remember: you have a home now and always.

I’m only up when you are not down. I’m just me when I’m with you.

In you, I know I feel strong. With you, I don’t fear my luck.

Hit the tune, it’s time for joy, so good to share with you!

You will never be alone from now on. Even if you think about giving up, I won’t let it fall.

By the strength to be strong, by the will to continue, for all that you do and for all that is true. I seek you!

God is free to be without you. Stay by my side that there is no shortage of love.

You look like an angel, but there is no wings.

and if you feel that you are sinking, I will jump straight into the cold water for you.

Never despair, always there to extend your hand. Higher value there is no!

I go wherever you go.

Make it last forever, because friendship never ends.

I bet your friend’s day got better with these messages. And now, every time he listens to this song, he will remember you! If you want to enjoy the wave to share cool songs of songs, check out these music messages and quotes for status and update yours now.

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