40 messages and quotes of evangelical love that are true statements

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To be in a relationship is to share moments with the person chosen by God for you. It is to build a relationship based on Him’s teachings to future constitute a beautiful family. This way, see delicate evangelical love messages and quotes to help you demonstrate what you feel and strengthen this relationship blessed by it!

Evangelical Love messages and quotes to open the heart

The Lord is a witness to how happy you make me!

God wrote our beautiful love story on the condition of never having an end.

Love is always patient and generous. It is never envious, it is neither rude nor selfish. It is not offended or resent, but rejoice with the truth.

I thank you for putting you on my way, so that together we can share this beautiful feeling.

Love all suffers, everything believes, everything expects, everything supports.

Do not insist with me that leaves you and no longer accompany you. Where I will go, where you will be.

You are an angel that God sent to my life. I love you!

We were blessed with the gift that is this love! Together forever.

I fell in love with your gaze when, in his reflection, I saw the Holy Spirit.

Every day God demonstrates me His generosity through many blessings, but the greatest of all, no doubt, is you.

complete my joy so that you think the same thing, have the same love, be united in soul, having the same feeling.

Above all, however, they revisit themselves of love, which is the perfect link. May the peace of Christ be the judge in your heart, since you were called to live in peace as members of one body.

For each other and both for the love and glory of God.

May the love we have for each other strengthen and always grow before our Lord.

May love be abundant, may forgiveness be constant.

I know that God is blessing our relationship, because together we believe that true love comes from Him.

If the Lord did something more perfect than you, he has not sent to Earth yet.

Love can do everything. It is not jealous, it does not behave indecently. Everything expects, everything believes, love wins everything!

No fact justifies hatred; There is no injustice that justifies bitterness. I choose love. Today I will love God and what He loves.

true love is that built in the presence of the Lord.

I know that everything God will last forever.

Not even in my prayers I imagined living a love as special as we have.

One of the most powerful ways to love someone is praying for her.

Thus, they are no longer two, but one meat. Therefore, what God has united, no one separates.

I have always asked God for a love for life. He sent me you, and so I know that our love will be eternal.

Love will cover the crowd of sins.

The greatest “I love you” in the story was said in silence on a cross to prove that true love is lived, not spoken.

The closer a couple is from God, the closer they will be each other!

God blessed our relationship, because it knows that its base is on the love of Christ.

By your side I can feel the presence of the Lord in my life through the purest love I have ever known: yours!

May the love of Jesus Christ complement this beautiful feeling that we are building. Your presence rejoices me!

It was Jesus who found you and united you with me. I love you!

Living is a right, love is a duty, being loved is the privilege of few!

Your love is the result of the faith I have in the Lord’s plans for me.

Now, therefore, faith, hope, and love remain. But the greatest of these is love.

My commandment is this: love each other as I love you.

I’m sure God is taking care of every detail of our love.

When God crossed our ways, He knew that together we would follow His Word. I love you!

He who does not love does not know God; Because God is love.

Just like faith, let love grow more and more in your heart.

To have a God -based relationship is to be sure that the union of these two souls is on the right track. A couple who share their faith only strengthens the ties and leaves the heart lighter and ready to love.

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