40 messages and quotes of eternal longing to remember the memories of those who were

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It is difficult to accept that one hour we need to say goodbye to people who are essential in our lives, and that we will only remain memories and immense longing to remember the moments we were next to her.

Therefore, it is important to enjoy every second with those we love and create good memories, for they will comfort our hearts when they are no longer close.

Thinking about it, we have selected eternal longing messages and quotes for you to remember those who are no longer among us but are still present inside the heart, which gives the strength to move on. Check it out and thank you for having the opportunity to live with someone so amazing!

Best Eternal Homesick messages and quotes

Those who have had to say goodbye to someone very special knows what it is to feel a part of you leaving and longing tightening your heart. We have selected the best eternal longing messages and quotes for you to express your suffering and relieve pain.

The longing and memories you left with me will be eternal!

You left forever and the longing went into my heart and there will live forever!

You left and in my heart was born a void and endless pain. I will feel eternal longing.

To see those we love to leave is to know a greater pain than life and eternal longing.

In the memory of those who love there is no place for oblivion, just for the longing of those who during their lives have brought us so much joy. I will miss you.

The good memories I have of you will always dry my tears and make me smile. I miss eternal!

You will continue to live in my longing and with great affection in my memory. It will be so much missed!

Even knowing that one day life is over, we are never prepared to lose someone we love. I will miss you forever!

You went out without saying goodbye, left a void inside me; emptiness that was filled with eternal longing.

To tell you goodbye was very painful and the longing that was will be eternal. Go with God!

Eternal longing messages and quotes from those who died

It is not easy to deal with the pain of loss and we conform that we will no longer have that person with us anymore. But what comforts us is the memories of everything that has been lived and the longing leaves it eternalized in our hearts. Check out our list of eternal longing messages and quotes from those who died and remember the best moments you were with this person.

longing will be eternal, because no mourning will be sufficient.

longing will be eternal, as is the desire to feel your hug again. Until one day!

One day sadness goes away, but this longing will remain forever in my heart.

Your soul has left us, but longing will forever keep your memory alive in our hearts.

No matter how long, I will never forget you. I will miss eternal!

You are gone, but the love I feel for you will always hit hard on my heart. You will be my eternal longing!

Words cannot express the sadness I feel right now. I will miss eternal!

Death is a petal that releases from the flower and leaves an eternal longing in the heart.

My heart is crying right now. I miss you forever will be present in me!

Since you are gone every day are longing days.

Father’s eternal longing messages and quotes

To say goodbye to the person who put us in the world, taught us what is right and wrong and held our hand when we need it is a suffering without size. See then, messages and quotes of eternal longing for your father and remember your hero with a smile on his face.

Your departure left such a big void in my heart. I miss you, my father!

my father, your departure left me aimlessly, but the memories I keep from you comfort my longing.

My hero is no longer among us, but I know that up there your light will always illuminate my life. I miss you, my father!

miss you, my father, and your gaze where the infinite love lived!

would give everything to have another minute by your side, my father. I’m going to miss you!

If I could see him again would never solve his hand, my father. I miss you so much since you are gone.

Your memories are my greatest treasure. I will miss eternal, my father!

Father, the longing is great, but I carry you with me in my heart. I love you forever!

I miss you so much and I wanted so much to be able to embrace you once again, my dear father!

Every day I miss my father, the good he did to me, the words that were recorded in my heart.

Brother’s eternal longing messages and quotes

A brother is the most sincere and true friend we have during our lives and lose it leaves us helpless, with life aimlessly. Check out these brother’s eternal longing messages and quotes and share how much your partner is missing.

While I live I will miss you, my brother!

If you can hear me from above, know that I keep fighting every day for me and you and I will never forget you! I miss eternal, my brother!

What counts to me is the memory of a dedicated and inspiring brother. You went too early and I will miss eternal!

I will never forget you, my friend, my partner, my brother! I will miss eternal!

Sadness grows every day as well as longing for not having you by my side. Go with God, my brother!

My brother, you were a piece of me and one of the most important parts of my life and since you left it took with you this big piece of my heart that belonged to you. I will miss eternal!

I miss everything we live together, but you will continue to be an inspiration to me. Rest in peace, my brother!

It is very strange not to have your presence in my days. I am always remembering you with a lot of love in my heart. I miss eternal, brother!

You follow alive in my chest and my thoughts, my dear brother, and I know it will never change. I miss eternal!

Every day I remember you and the beautiful memories we built together. I miss you, my brother!

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