40 messages and quotes of desire to expose all your wishes

By: Tranoniq.com

The human being is moved by desires, whether they are dreams or temptations. To ignore such will is to live a repressed and bland life. So that you can expose all your feelings and seek the fulfillment of your greatest wills, we made a selection of quotes of desire. Check it out and don’t hide anything inside you!

Quotes of Desire and Passion

The desires of passion are the most overwhelming and often make us even lose reason. So that you no longer want, use one of these quotes of desire and passion to say with all the letters how much you want someone.

What was once just a wish, became a sweeping passion.

Your kisses provoke mine, your gaze mixes with mine, your skin becomes mine and, in this mixture, I no longer know where I start or you. We are one, we are desire, we are love.

Passion is when, despite the “danger” sign, the desire goes and enters.

All I want most is to surrender to this intense passion!

It is passion the feeling I feel for you and that consumes me the soul. It is passion the feeling that accompanies the desire to have you by my side.

I feel for you a burning desire that burns my heart, such an intense passion that I take my sleep and love that I can’t explain.

Passion burns, love goes crazy, desire cheats.

What I feel for you is more than I want, it is pure passion!

I only wish one thing: May our desires coincide.

My desire is to throw you against the wall and make you mine, even if it is for one night.


A desire made makes any heart happier and more relieved. Seek the realization of your greatest wills and get inspired by the following quotes!

A desire made calms anxiety and makes the heart happy.

I hope that someday my desire will be realized and that you return everything I feel for you.

You don’t have to be sleeping so that the best dreams happen.

The search for the fulfillment of our desires is what moves us ahead!

The conquest of desire fulfilled is priceless.

Loving you and having you by my side is a wish of years being fulfilled.

I hope someday I can fulfill the desire to kiss your mouth.

A dream come true is worth more than a thousand desire satisfied.

In the great battles of life, the first step towards victory is the desire to win.

The best part of a dream is when we realized that it was possible to accomplish it.

Impossible desire citations

Sometimes we end up wishing something or someone we cannot achieve. In order not to live in frustration, we made this selection of quotations of impossible desire. Use them to express themselves and don’t get stuck in this will without future!

Impossible desires move me, because I live each of my days struggling for them to realize!

The impossible is just one of the unreachable charms that desire so much yearns.

You are my impossible desire, my fantasy, forbidden passion. Only so, I want you more than anything!

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

Impossible is not to wish you.

I like the impossible, because there the competition is smaller.

The forbidden attracts me in a way I can’t resist. Its consequences? I leave it for later!

Why wasn’t I born just like others? No doubt, without impossible desires?

Wishing the impossible is sometimes an impossible desire not to wish.

Temptation is when the head forbids, but the body disobeys.

Quotes of Desire for Boyfriend

How about leaving your boyfriend crazy about you with these quotes of desire? In addition to expressing all your wishes, you will also provoke many hot feelings in your partner. Check it out!

What do you want me to do with you tonight? I will meet any desire of yours.

I want kisses, bites, sucks, scratches, hugs, more kisses, affection, tosh, whispers, smiles … Everything with you!

I know it sounds crazy, but would you run away from me? I want to be your best chance, your best plan and the reason you smile every morning.

I wish you even more by knowing that you also want me.

Willingness to feel your language between my legs.

I have a lot of desires before bed, one of them is you!

kisses me, bites me, speaks in my ear and makes me lose my mind.

Imagine just the two of us tonight: me kissing your neck, biting your ear, while you kiss me and feel my body glued to your …

I want to smell it, see your body sweat.

wanted to spend a whole weekend with you in bed.

How about provoking the strongest desires in that special person and warm things between you? For this, we made a selection of perfect spicy quotes to provoke wills and seduce. Check it out!