40 messages and quotes of condolences for friend who express a lot of support and affection

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Death is a sad farewell moment in which we face the weight of mourning and loss. It is not easy to accept the departure of those we love. Therefore, it is important at this moment to have all the support and affection of the dear people who are part of our lives. Read our Friend Friendwalks messages and quotes and see more about.


She was an amazing person. I’m here to accompany you in this pain, friend.

My friend, cry as much as you can. Free yourself from this pain.

My condolences, friend. I’m by your side to face this sadness.

Asking for help in facing mourning is not weakness, it is a sign of humanity. I’m here with you, friend.

Friend, I love you and I won’t get out of your side. Cry all your sadness.

Time has to decrease such an unbearable pain. There will be memories and all the good he did. Let us honor your memory. I’m with you, friend.

I hope God calms your heart and gives you relief. Be well, friend.

It is in mourning that we need a shoulder the most to rest and hear us. I love you, friend.

None of this is your fault, friend. You loved him and that’s what matters. I’m sure he knew that.

friend, think of every good moment you have shared, because they are eternal and now let’s honor his life in our own story, live from everything we learn from him.

friend, face your grief, because it is a pain that needs to be felt. You are capable.

No one is prepared to face the loss, but you are strong and get it. Lots of peace, friend.

My friend, my heart hurts with you. Good thing we are together in this.

Only tears are able to clean our soul. Cry and break free from pain, friend.

I’m here to hold your hand at this moment of mourning and sadness. You are a special friend.

mourning is not a weakness. It’s a kind of longing that hurts and calms down. Be well, friend.

Dying is part of the life cycle. Sadness, friend, exists only in those who live.

friend, think he lived to the fullest, laughed, loved and left unforgettable memories.

Each one has their time to leave, friend. It’s time to face this sadness.

The important thing is the love and the memories she left behind, friend. Stay in peace.

He was an extraordinary person full of love and affection. Think of this good feeling, friend.

Friend, now is time to learn to deal with this pain. While we are alive, we need to move on and live with this longing.

When someone we love dies, it takes part of us with him. It’s time to reinvent yourself, friend.

friend, remember every good moment, joke and memory. She is still alive inside you.

Each person has their own unique way of facing mourning. Don’t cover yourself so much, friend.

Never forget, friend. To preserve her memory is to keep it among us.

With every sign of sadness, I will be here to give you all the support, my friend.

There is no right word for comfort, but I give you all my love and affection, friend.

I am by your side to face this pain and mourning. We walked together on this journey, friend.

Friend, set aside time for you. Mourning requires respect and reflection. I’m here for you and what you need to need.

Life will change without her here, but will remain beautiful, my friend.

It is not easy to accept death. The longing is great, but our strength is bigger, friend. God comfort your heart;

Death is a natural way. Therefore, we must respect her memory, friend.

He may have died materially, but your love, no. Love believes everything, all supports and goes beyond what the eyes can see. Never forget that, friend.

I know you’re tired, friend. You face this mourning with an extraodine force.

He illuminated you with a love that still lives in there. None death can change this, friend.

friend, you don’t have to say anything. Let the tears clean all your sadness.

My condolences, my friend. In the difficult times we should grasp the people we love.

Allow yourself that time will heal your wounds, friend.

Only affection and love are able to heal the pain of mourning. Be well, my friend.

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