40 messages and quotes of compassion to understand this noble feeling

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Compassion is nothing more than showing kindness with those who are going through something difficult and painful. In such a chaotic world, small demonstrations of genuine love are what make everything lighter and make us keep hope. Reflect more on the subject and read these wonderful compassion messages and quotes!

Compassion messages and quotes that will make you reflective on various attitudes

If compassion doesn’t include it yourself, then it is incomplete.

Since our life begins and ends with the need for affection and care, it would not be wise to practice compassion and love for others while we can?

When you have your mind moistened with love, you can start meditating on compassion.

The secret is to put yourself in the place of others. Be careful, you may give it.

When someone hurts or offends, do not reply in the same way. Just feel compassion on the one who needs to humiliate, offend and hurt to feel strong.

Compassion is a deep desire to see the others relieved of suffering, love is the other facet, a strong desire to see others happy.

It doesn’t just have to be blood and tears that move the story, it can also be love, compassion and intelligence.

Good is to know that the only way to win is to use intelligence with compassion. So don’t fight anymore. Rest.

compassion is fortress; Having kindness is having courage.

Be different: Don’t knock down, help you get up.

I had a great desire to embrace you, but I was ashamed. I felt “compassion”. “Compassion” means “feeling with”. I felt what you felt.

the one who loves very much, forgives very much. But, the one who loves little, forgives little.

That is why someone believes that goodness still exists.

The Lord is good for all; Your compassion reaches all your creatures.

Before, thirst with the other kind and compassionate. Forgive one another, as God has forgiven you, in Christ.

Compassion is an act of a kind and empathic heart.

Therefore, as a chosen people of God, holy and beloved, they revised of deep compassion, goodness, humility, meekness and patience.

If the person takes compassion in everything he does, there is no possibility to conflict with others.

The world may be a hostile place, but never stop showing all the love and compassion in you!

Compassion is the basis of morality.

Let’s not use bombs or weapons to conquer the world. Let us use love and compassion. Peace begins with a smile.

Forgiving and putting yourself in the other’s shoes is one of the signs that the soul is light and the heart, pure.

Compassion for animals is one of the noblest virtues of human nature.

Compassion is love of neighbor, but also love to yourself.

Have compassion for you too. After all, you are evolving and growing, like everyone!

Be kind to everyone you find. Each carries their own battles and conflicts.

Having compassion is not a sign of weakness, otherwise it is a sign of a noble and kind soul.

The world would be a better place if people were more kind and kindly with each other.

Everyone, one day, will need the compassion of others. So do not hesitate to show your mercy.

Compassion does not see whom. It only manifests itself and welcomes those who need it.

Believe me: A simple act of compassion has the power to change the world.

It is the small acts of compassion that make the world a better place.

No one is perfect, everyone makes a mistake. So always have compassion for others!

These are difficult times, let us have compassion for ourselves and others.

An act of affection for the next one you are suffering can change a lifetime.

We all go through tribulations, the help and love of others are what gives us strength to continue.

welcomes the pain of others as if it were yours.

Nothing more beautiful than an empathic heart and a soul that overflows compassion.

It is the small acts of compassion that make life lighter.

God demonstrates compassion even when we do not deserve it.

Be sure to practice compassion whenever you have the opportunity! Enjoy and check out these care messages and quotes that will leave the heart warm.

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