40 messages and quotes of ancient friendship to celebrate years of companionship

By: Tranoniq.com

Throughout life many people come in vain, but some become great friendships. Whether from childhood or adulthood, everyone has that friend of many years who knows us more than ourselves and we can always tell. Check out our old friendship quotes and share your favorite with that special friend!

Ancient friendship quotes to share with your great friend

Time only strengthens the bonds that are created of a true friendship.

long friendships continue to grow, even with long distances.

Nothing compares to an old friendship. No need to worry about, because it is known that this friendship is not based on perfection, but respect and acceptance.

An old friendship is one of the greatest gifts life can offer to us!

There are people who are not a relative, but it becomes a family for the value and strength it gives us. Thank you for your friendship for many years!

In life, it is always good to make new friends, but the best we have to do is keep the old ones who remind us who we were and where we can go.

The greatest treasure I carry inside my heart is my longest and oldest friendship.

My friends are my life, friendship, of the old ones. How many things, stories, I lived with you. We are a heart, only brother here.

The best mirror is an old friend!

Our friendship is the one that the years do not erase, it only makes it stronger.

With old friendships, it is possible to share the most intimate and most important aspects, in the certainty that their beauty and value will be recognized and appreciated.

There are people who simply appear in our lives and mark us forever.

My oldest friends are the brothers that fate brought me.

What else prevents you from having a good friend is the commitment to having many. Friendship wants to be old.

Our friendship is shielded to time, distance, changes and departures. The affection always keeps!

There is always that friend who will never leave you!

The best friendships are those that miss fingers in their hands to tell the years we know each other.

Our friendship is old and its roots are deep, watered, above all, with much love and companionship.

Older friendships are strengthened over time, as nothing is able to separate longtime friends.

The face of an old friend is like a ray of sun between dark and dark clouds!

The years pass, life happens before our eyes, but a true and old friendship is unshakable.

Old friendships are precious stones, panned in the mines far from childhood.

With old friendships, no one ever feels alone, because the roots that unite them deepened and got stronger.

Love and complicity that exist in an old friendship is incomparable to any other!

A long friendship may have its ups and downs, but it doesn’t end, just mature!

Nothing is greater than the power of an ancient friendship, full of memories and willing to still build many memories.

keep your friend under the key of your own life!

An old friendship is like a safe haven, is to have a firm point before any storm.

real friends we keep in our life for long years.

Ancient friendship serves to illuminate our path with people who always want our good!

When to lock new friendships, remember to preserve the old.

With old friends, the only requirement is authenticity.

Renewed friendships require more care than those that have never been interrupted!

To have a childhood friend is to remember the best moments of your life through someone else’s eyes.

There is no pleasure comparable to finding an old friend.

Even if time passes, real friends never close the doors for old and true friendships.

The years can pass, but nothing is able to erase a friendship that began in childhood.

People come and go, however, real friends are those who know us more than ourselves!

Friends are like good wines, they only get better over time.

An old friend is a guardian of the best moments of our life.

To have friends is to live life lighter, to share memories, joys and sorrows as well. Check out our selection of quotes for special friends and share your gratitude with those who are always with you!