40 messages and quotes of affection for nephew that are like hugs

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When a nephew is born, a little star illuminates the sky of our lives. It is inexplicable as such a little being can awaken so much love. We want to take care and protect forever. When it is far, it is in thought and misses it. When it is close, everything is joy. So check out the most loving messages and quotes of affection for nephew and share beautiful feelings.

FEASES OF FOZE FOR SOBRINHO that will leave your melted xodó of love

You are a package of joy in my life. I will be by your side forever. I love you so much, dear nephew!

Auntie has a very special corner in the heart and he is all yours. You are the joy of my life and the best nephew in the world!

What I love most in life is spending time with you, my buddy. I’m a completely passionate uncle!

You make our family happy. Keep growing up with a huge heart, my beloved nephew.

Know that you can always count on your uncle. I’m here to support you! You are the best nephew I could want.

I am the most owl aunt in the world. I love to have you by my side, dear nephew. And I want to follow every phase of your life.

The first time I saw you, I knew it would be love forever. Nephew, you are the best part of my life!

passing by to leave a hug very tight. All the most beautiful for you, my beloved nephew. Always count on me!

I miss my little love pack! Dear nephew, I can’t wait to tighten your cheeks and give you a bear hug.

We complete! When you were born, my life became. Nephew, you awaken my best side. I love you so much!

When God made the nephews, he capriciously at you. I love to be your aunt. You can always count on me for everything!

nephew, I’m your biggest fan! I will always be in the stands cheering for your happiness. You can always count on uncle.

Every time you call me aunt, my heart jumps with joy. I like having you so much in my life, dear nephew!

My love for you is so sincere. Nephew, you have changed my life for the better. When you need affection, run to my hug!

I always want to be a source of pride for you, my nephew. I promise I will be by your side and always support you. I love you so much!

My smart and beautiful boy, I am very proud of you. The best nephew in the world. We will always be together!

What I love most in life is to see you happy. Dear nephew, you are an amazing boy with a great future.

I remember the day of your birth. His smile invaded my heart and changed my life. I love you, my nephew!

My beautiful little angel, the aunt is so happy when it is by your side. I want to squeeze you in a hug and keep you in your heart forever.

You know you can always talk to me. The uncle is here for you. More than a nephew, you are my friend.

Hey, boy, you stole my heart! It is the most amazing nephew in the world. I love you infinitely!

Angels do not always have wings! My nephew, you are the little angel who fills my heart with happiness. We will always be together!

I am so proud to see that we are so similar. Nephew, I promise I will be a great example for you. Uncle love is forever!

You are a blessing that has come to change my life. Nephew, by your side I am much happier. You will always have shelter in my hug.

You are a great inspiration to me, nephew. I love your innocence, your smile, your joy and your affection.

Even far away, you are always present in my thoughts, beloved nephew. I miss you! Soon we will be together. I love you!

Promise me that you will always be this cheerful, affectionate and kind boy? I am very proud of you, my nephew!

At Casa da auntie, you will always have a lot of treat and affection. I love spending my days by your side, dear nephew.

The most magical moment of my life was when I listened to your little heart for the first time. Nephew, you make me so happy!

My play partner, I passed here to say that I am telling the time to spend time with you. The uncle is missing, my favorite nephew!

When I think I can’t love you more than I already love, you smile and my heart grows in love. Nephew, you are amazing!

It is so much love that my heart gets a little silly. Nephew, only you can melt me. I love you so much, infinite and beyond!

The most owl aunt in the world passes by to leave a thousand kisses and many loving hugs. I love you, dear nephew!

You arrived in my life as the birth of a sunflower that blooms happiness. You are my light, beloved nephew.

When you want to have fun, run to Titia’s house. I promise I will fill you with pampering and affection, because you are the best nephew in the world.

No matter how much you grow, you will always be my smiling and sweet little boy. I love you so much, best nephew in the world!

nephew, your hug is my favorite place in the world. Every day you teach me happiness. I love you!

and the best nephew trophy in the world goes to you! I am so happy by your side. That we can always keep our relationship full of love.

When you are afraid, worried or sad, remember that you have an uncle who loves you so much. You can always talk to me, beloved nephew.

You are synonymous with joy and love in my life. A very strong hug and a loving kiss. I love you so much, dear nephew!

Your affection is very important to your nephew! But one has adulted one, you need to flatter all. So, check out the sentences for niece and push the little princess of your life a lot.

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