40 messages and quotes of 1 year of death that show the strength of longing

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Losing someone we love is very painful. We need to relearn to live without the person by our side, without their affection, their presence and their love. It’s hard to deal with longing and as the days go by, it only increases. With that in mind, we select 1 year of death messages and quotes that help you express your feelings in this first year of absence!

1 year of death sentences of the father

Losing one of the most important people of our lives is very painful. Record his longing for this last year with the sentences we selected below:

Today my father left me. Since then, I only miss you and clinging on the memories of what we live.

Dad, I would like to say that it was easier to live without you, but I would be lying. 1 year without having you here and still hurts.

longing is still my mate because she took her place, father. Keep looking at me from above!

This year that passed was the hardest of my life. As you are missing, dad. I live waiting to meet you again!

It has been 1 year since our last goodbye. Father, I miss you and see you everywhere. I am firm in the idea that we will still meet again.

1 year of longing, memories and pain. I would like you to be by my side, father. I would like everything to be different. In your honor, I follow. You would do the same for me.

Every day, I ask God to take care of your soul. It has been 1 year since my routine is missing you. I will always love you.

1 year without you by my side. I never prepared for it. I miss you, father. I hope this pain decreases one day.

My heart has become a homesick house 1 year ago. Father, what a miss you do here. I love you so much and I will always love you. Stay at peace!

My father, as it hurts to realize that you have gone 1 year. It seems that I still had hope that all this was a lie. The grief continues!

1 year old messages and quotes of the husband

Losing the love of our life is too difficult. The memories are everywhere, but you have managed to survive this last year. Say how much you miss you with our messages and quotes below:

The love of my life was 1 year ago. Life has been much more difficult and has lost colors ever since. The longing is eternal, my love!

It still costs me to believe that my husband was gone 1 year ago. I still see you in everything in our house and my routine. I will love you forever!

It’s been 1 year since I lost the reason for my smile. I miss you, my husband. I know you look at me wherever I am.

It is very difficult to start my life without you. It has been 1 year since I live in attempts and ups and downs. I just wanted you by my side.

We hope that the pain decreases, but in 1 year, it only increased because each day without you is a difficult day. I miss you, my love!

For 1 year, pain is difficult to endure. I lost my husband and my best friend. What a miss you do here. Take care of us where you are!

My love, what a miss you do. I would just like to give you a last kiss, say that I love you once again. 1 year without you is too much time.

Life is unfair and living without my husband is a lot of pain. I miss you too much this last year. I know it will be like this throughout my life. For the love we build, I will continue to manifest the fruits of our relationship. I love you!

I don’t want to accept that you left and it’s already 1 year. My love, rest in peace and know that your lack is missed all the time.

How it hurts not to have you here. My husband left and took a piece of my heart, I have been living with this emptiness for 1 year. I miss you, my love!

1 year of mother’s death messages and quotes

Our queen, unfortunately, is not eternal. She left and took a piece of our hearts. Say how much she is missing with our messages and quotes below:

It’s been 1 year that my queen left me. What a miss you do in my life, mother. It was for you to be eternal.

It was not supposed to have left anytime soon. I miss you, mother. This last year was so difficult without you. I miss your advice, your hug and your love.

Those we love most should be eternal. Mother, I have missed your daily. One day we will still meet again.

Your memory remains alive in my heart and as long as I live, you will never be forgotten, mother. I haven’t had you anymore.

I remember you all the time, mother; Sometimes I feel even your presence beside me. It has been 1 year since you left and still cost believing. Pray for me wherever you are!

The first year without you was very difficult because I’m learning not to have you with me. ETERNAL HEALTH, MOTHER.

It’s been 1 year since you went close to God and I hope he is enjoying his company, mother. I’m sorry you miss here with me!

I think of you every day, but today, when you left 1 year, longing squeezed even more. I would like to have you here with me, mom!

Mother, why are you gone? I am having to learn not to have you here and I fail daily in it. 1 year without you and I still can’t tell you goodbye.

It’s been 1 year that my mother left and missed her place. 1 year I have nowhere to run when it hurts, because the pain is not to have you here.

1 year old messages and quotes of grandmother

When our grandmother leaves us, we make a great effort to be eternal in our hearts. Keep her memory alive with our messages and quotes below:

My old lady was 1 year ago and I miss the conversations, food, care and looks. I miss you, grandmother!

1 year ago, I lost my favorite person in the world: my grandmother. You will always be remembered and I will always love you.

It’s been a 1 year since a family empty. My grandmother left and we missed. We will always love you!

You went to rest alongside those who loved the most, Jesus. Grandma, this last year, that alone comforted me. I miss the lady!

Cost believing that time has passed without fast and you are no longer here, Grandma. 1 year without you is a year of pain and longing!

365 days of great pain and longing. Grandma, you went to rest and missed you in your place. I really wanted to be by your side, feel your affection and see your smile.

In my heart, you are still alive and sending me a lot of love. 1 year of missing my grandmother, the love of my life!

1 year without you and longing hurts a little more every day. Grandma, look at me where you are because I need your care.

Missing will be eternal and every day I cling to the memories to feel you around, Grandma. I love you and I will always love you. 1 year without you.

It’s been 1 year since I lost my grandmother and I haven’t used to not having her here. I go to your house and look for you because I want your affection. I miss you!

That you can follow even with the lack that this dear person does. See also our eternal longing messages and quotes and remember your memories!

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