40 messages and quotes Life is a breath to enjoy the totality of each moment

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At one point in our walks we always realize how fast life goes on. Time flies and moments are quickly, leaving only the memories. It is therefore important to better enjoy your time and strive to build good memories. Check out messages and quotes life is a breath to better manage your time!

messages and quotes Life is a breath to better deal with the ephemerality of time

Love now, talk now, hug now, answer now, demonstrate now. Life is a breath.

Life is a breath. The hours fly, the months spend, the year ends. Enjoy every second.

Life is a moment, it is a breath. We only take the love that gave and received.

Be happy. You don’t know how long you have to you.

They say life is a breath. So take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and make your dreams come true.

Life is a breath and light that can go out at any time.

If life is a breath, let it be of light, peace and love.

Live as if it was all over tomorrow. You never know when it will be the last time.

Everything is passenger, like a breath on a summer afternoon.

Do not get stuck in the grudge and hurt. Life is a breath and tomorrow the wind can take you.

Live as if you were starting.

Life is too short to be small.

Life is a famous blow. Do not call the opinion of others.

Lighted loudly, love intensely, kiss slowly and say you love. You never know if this will be the last time.

What if instead of storing grudge and hurts we cling to the good things? Life is too short not to be happy!

All we have is the moment, enjoy!

Life is the light of a vagalume at night. It is a breath of a buffalo in winter. It is the small shadow that runs through the grass and is lost with the sunset.

Life is too short to waste time suffering. Cry, suffer, live the pain, but don’t let sadness steal your life.

Life is a road that leads to the destination we all already know. So enjoy the way!

Life is short and the world is great: travel more!

Life is too short for us to hide everything that wants to say.

Value, because after it leaves even what was defective becomes longing.

Leave bad vibrations aside, life is too short to care.

Is life short? Alive. Is love rare? Enjoy. Is fear terrible? Face it. Are the memories sweet? Enjoy.

Life is too short to waste time crying for the ex.

Life goes on, do not miss any opportunity to be happy.

Life is a breath! Dare to escape normality.

Life is a trip, we are just passengers.

Life is too short, don’t leave her for tomorrow.

Life has no replay, enjoy every moment.

It turns out that life is too short for us to think about going back.

Life is a trip without a scheduled date to finish. While here, treat the other travelers with kindness.

Where do you run away when you want to prevent life from running away from you?

Enjoy life while there is time, one day everything is over.

Enjoy every minute, because time doesn’t come back. What comes back is the desire to go back in time.

People are waiting for a lifetime for Friday, all year round, all life for happiness. Do it different. Turn every day on Fridays, enjoy the four stations and don’t expect your life to be happy.

Simply Live Life!

Search, talk, hug. Tomorrow is almost always too late.

Faced with the vastness of time and immensity of the universe, it is a great pleasure for me to share a planet and an epoch with you.

and if there is no tomorrow, were you happy today?

When we stop and think, we can see that in fact time goes by very fast. But we can use it to our advantage. Check out time messages and quotes and find motivation to make the most of every second.

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