40 messages and quotes from poet Cora Coralina who will touch your heart

By: Tranoniq.com

Cora Coralina, pseudonym of Anna Lins dos Guimarães, was a poet and a Brazilian short story writer, whose profession was sweet and lived away from the country’s centers and capitals. His work is poetic and inspired by his reality: he portrayed the daily life of the Brazilian interior, in particular the alleys and historical streets of Goiás.

His simple writing prioritized the content instead of form, and a fragile woman, Cora became one of the most powerful voices of Brazilian literature, won the audience with her poems and tales that allowed her to discover that simplicity and Humility is the best way to achieve the richness of the Spirit.

Therefore, we have separated the 40 best quotes from Cora’s works so you can delight with the simple and beautiful words of this talented woman. Check it out!

Heart is land where no one sees.

I am the earth, I am the life. From my clay came first the man. From me came the woman and came the love. The tree came, the source came. Comes the fruit and comes the flower.

I decorated with green leaves the stone of my tomb in a symbolism of plant life.

The friend does not run a hand when we did something wrong, is firm by our side, pulls the ear, calls the reason!

Dead … I will be a tree, I will be trunk, I will be Fronde and my roots entwined to the stones of my crib are the strings that sprout from a lyre.

Well for that very reason, Caboclo says: Joy comes from the guts – full belly, cheerful heart. What is Pure True.

I was born in rude times. I accepted contradictions, struggles and stones like life lessons and I serve me. I learned to live.

I am that woman whom the time taught a lot. He taught to love life and not give up the fight, start over in defeat, renounce negative words and thoughts.

I try to stand my own renewed personality every day, falling inside me all that is old and dead.

Happy the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

Even when everything seems to collapse, it is up to me to decide between laugh or cry, go or stay, give up or fight; because I discovered, on the uncertain path of life, that the most important thing is to decide.

If we grow up with the hard blows of life, we can also grow with the soft touches in the soul.

I am that woman who made the climb of the mountain of life, removing stones and planting flowers.

Peripheral Child, rejected your world is the underworld.

I don’t know if life is too short or too long for us, but I know that nothing we live in, if we don’t touch people’s hearts.

We are all enrolled in the school of life, where the master is time.

Knowing us we learn from masters and books. Wisdom, one learns is with life and the humble.

What counts in life is not the starting point but the walk. Walking and sowing, in the end you will have what to reap.

True courage is to go after your dreams even when everyone says it is impossible.

I try to support every day my own renewed personality, falling inside me, everything that is old and dead.

verse of the poem: my city, my life, my feelings, my aesthetics, all the vibrations of my woman’s sensitivity, here are their roots.

In the palms of your hands I read the lines of my life.

is that there is more ground in my eyes than tiredness in my legs, more hope in my steps than sadness on my shoulders, more road in my heart than fear in my head.

If we have to wait, let it be to reap the good seed we throw today on the ground of life. If it is to sow, then be to produce millions of smiles, solidarity and friendship.

recreate your life, always, always. Remove stones and rosemakes and make sweets. Start.

I am the hardness of these coated hills, wrapped, chipped ax, flawed, lacerated. Burned by the FIRE FIRECTED, CALCINED AND RENORED.

poet, it’s not just what you write. It is the one who feels poetry, if it is sensitive to the finding of a rhyme to the authenticity of a verse.

more hope in my steps than sadness on my shoulders.

I believe in young people looking for new paths opening wide spaces in life. I believe in overcoming the uncertainties of this end of the century.

does not die the one who left the melody of his song on the earth in the music of his verses.

Although we cannot add days to your life, we can add life to your days.

verses … no. Poetry … no. A different way of telling old stories.

Cross, winding lines, interfering with your destination. I didn’t look for you, you didn’t look for me – we were alone on different roads.

I learned that it is worth fighting than collecting easy money. First believe what doubt.

Not sorry what you could have and got lost in the wrong paths and never returned.

wanted to be one day, a gardener of a heart. I cave, I planted. In the ungrateful land I created nothing.

I effort to be better every day, for goodness is also learned.

Better than the creature, the Creator made the creation. The creature is limited. Time, space, norms and customs. Errors and hits. Creation is unlimited. Exceed time and middle. Projects in the cosmos.

Humanity is renewed in your womb. Raise your children. Do not leave them at daily child care. Nursery is cold, impersonal. Never be a home for you son. He, little, needs you. Not the offshore of your maternal force.

renewing and revealing of the world.

Strong and talented woman are adjectives that characterize Cora Coralina. Now that you have known a little better about the Brazilian poet and its simple and touching work, how about checking out our list of quotes from Fernando Pessoa and immersing a little more in the rich literature of our country?