40 messages and quotes from Érico Veríssimo for those who love to appreciate national literature

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Born in Rio Grande do Sul, on December 17, 1905, Érico showed interest in writing since his childhood. Winner of the Machado de Assis Award in 1954 and the Jabuti Award in 1965, the novelist became one of the big names in Brazilian literature. Next, check out memorable messages and quotes from Érico Veríssimo who honor the trajectory of this brilliant writer!

Erico Veríssimo messages and quotes Inspiring and filled with reflections

Time makes us forget. There are people who forget quickly. Others just pretend they no longer remember.

In my opinion there are two types of travelers: those who travel to escape and those who travel to seek.

The wire that holds your faith must be of the best steel and therefore resistant and at the same time, flexible. Faith without flexibility, faith can undoubtedly end in fanaticism.

I find it very dangerous for a man to take too much seriously.

No writer can create out of nowhere. Even when he does not know, he is using lived, read or heard experiences, and even prescribed by a kind of sixth sense.

What leads us to choose a warm life? The answer is stamped in the distance and coldness of smiles, in the loose of hugs, the indifference of the good morning, almost whispered.

Love is closer to hatred than we usually suppose. Are the verse and reverse of the same coin of passion.

Happiness is the certainty that our life is not going to uselessly.

In the end life is an adventure. The essential is to have courage.

Life is worth living despite all its difficulties, sadness and moments of pain and anguish.

wishing great peace, seeking God. Yes. He existed. It was closer than it seemed. Life could not be free. All that suffering, all that brutality, the fierce struggle of every day – were things that could not fail to have a purpose.

You live quickly, you die quickly, you eat quickly. It is as if we wanted to reach a particular point as soon as possible. In the end we will see that there is no serious purpose.

no one should blame themselves for what they feel, we are not responsible for what our body wants, but for what we did with it.

To escape or to seek. Fugitives sooner or later discover that their problems are geographical in nature.

Will one day there will be no more place a place where a man can own at least his nose, say what he thinks, have a reasonable quota of freedom?

And the crisis of the modern world will not mainly be the lack of love?

Now, it turns out that most of our population is accommodating, lazy and is being carried away.

The goal of the consumer is not to have things, but to consume more and more in order to compensate for their inner vacuum, its passivity, its loneliness, its boredom and its anxiety. >

We are all a mystery to others. And for ourselves.

Before Mussolini and Stalin there were the stars. And even after they have passed, they will continue to shine.

It is indispensable that we conquer this world, not with the weapons of hatred and violence, but with those of love and understanding.

How time is costing when we expect it! Especially when it winds. It seems that the wind handles the time.

We need to give a human meaning to our buildings. And when the love of money, success is blinding us, we can take breaks to look at the lilies of the field and the birds of the sky.

Who is hungry is deaf even to the voice of God.

Look at the stars. As long as they shine there will be hope in life.

Each government writes the story according to its conveniences.

There will never be a false humanist to invent a philosophical theory with the goal coonester all the monstrosities committed by the “man of caves”.

We run away from loneliness when we are afraid of our own thoughts.

Each of us has in its most remote interior caves a sleeping troglodyte that, undergoing a certain kind of stimulus, comes rapidly to the surface of our being and becomes a totalitarian despot capable of all bestialities.

Nothing is really serious in this country. When someone (…) adopts a final, hopeless final solution, everyone loses their heads.

When the shift winds blow, some people raise barriers, others build windmills.

For I have faith in my career, I need to get rid of the horrible idea that life is simply this struggle without reward … this … this misery … this bland ramerrus. I feel I can do something.

A human being is not only a coin with verse and reverse. It is a polyhedron, with thousands of faces. And there are thousands of ways to see a person, an act, a fact.

It is still the desire to live that brings us to novels.

The most important that exists on the face of the earth is the human person. And surprising man in the act of living is one of the most fantastic things that exists.

The story cannot be written only in black and white.

I consider myself, first of all, a storyteller.

When I talk about conquering this world, I mean the conquest of a decent situation for all human creatures, the conquest of dignified peace, the spirit of cooperation.

When I speak of accepting life I do not refer to the resigned and passive acceptance of all inequalities, evil, absurd and misery of the world. I do, yes, to accept the necessary struggle, the suffering that this struggle will bring to us, of the bitter hours to which it is necessarily leading us.

Life begins every day. The world would be unbearable if creatures had good memory.

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