40 messages and quotes from 3030 for you who enjoy a rarer rap

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That Brazil is filled with good music we already know. And the rap certainly enters this list, making the heart and body of the crowd swinging through the speaking records and headphones out there.

If you like this kind of sound, you have certainly bumped with the 3030 band in some playlist out there! 3030, which has been blowing the candles for 10 years, is influenced by Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. The quartet follows the wave of positivity and refutes the feminine ostentation and objectification agenda, which is often seen in the music scene of this style.

Do you already know the boys? Or was it curious and want to know a little more? Let’s check out this selection of 40 messages and quotes from the 3030 that we separated for you!

40 messages and quotes from 3030 for you who want to enjoy a different vibe of rap

It is always different what the soul feels, what the mind understands.

And with every tear, my world collapses, unarms me. And every hurt I transform into laugh.

She wants to be in a good night. But in the lonely fund.

I take learning of the moments I failed.

Each day is a spectacle, with new false actors.

This is a prayer, my destination, I go.

In the street she is just sure, inside she is just mystery.

Sometimes I am a fugitive from my own world.

Living in a war pace has to be a good soldier.

What do I do of my life is only at my discretion.

In a world that is wrong, being right is the crime.

My principle is to run behind everything I want.

The life she leads I will not decipher anytime soon.

fuck that she is beautiful.

temptation, karma and fate.

When she arrives is like lighting, she brightens my mind and Jewish heart.

she makes the independent style.

She is just passion, throws me on the floor, comes with determination.

You are all I asked God, but now I had to say goodbye ..

charming, perfect body, like only god sculpted.

Not every loss is disgrace.

I may suffer, I can cry and even fall, but this night love, I will die of laugh.

This mine is the crime. Sublime look.

Every time she passes the tram is like a million.

Seeing God in everything, everything is more beautiful.

But she wants the sun, the moon, the dawn, to go out to the drunk street …

She is a woman with a girl. Play the game, take it and want to go over.

Because life is a cycle and karma always wants a reason to pick you up.

So come, live what you didn’t live with me, feel what you didn’t feel, just to take what is yours.

I do not try to bring a different opinion that can express an entire generation or not, media bringing more confusion to the land of ambition.

My life is confused half about empty scenes of hatred and love.

The system sells dreams that we don’t buy. That’s because the nightmares we don’t even count.

I carry all the mandinga and hope of a people who suffer too much. I only ask for respect and protection to my father.

What I did only God knows.

In the streets here I see everything, some in the crime, some in rap, some doing even both together.

Today is a good day to forget what afflicts me, of all the problems are few that reach me.

the evil you do, he will come back. The good that you do, he will come back.

locked in the bathroom, already with red eyes, I try to hide my pain.

I saw that empty verses over time gone … my worldly feelings were already by the air.

If it will not add, better or paste.

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