40 messages and quotes for stopped group that will move the conversations

By: Tranoniq.com

Everyone participates in a group that survives only good morning messages or that no longer happens. How about being the person who will shake things and make the guys laugh good? For this, check out the best messages and quotes for stopped group and move people to talk more.


This group seems to be on vacation because no one says anything. Did we ever come back to reality?

I know there is still a lot of subject for us to talk. Let’s move this group!

What are you doing for life? Because talking to friends, I know they are not.

My love life has always been stopped, but she is busier than this group.

I pay a beer for the first to send a message in the group.

I can see the flying fly and the sound of silence settling in this group.

I always doubt if we are working hard or enjoying life a lot and we can’t talk about the group.

The group is so still that I will have to call the dedetization not to give dengue.

I am starting a campaign to avoid the extinction of some exotic animals. After all, the future of this group depends on us. Let’s talk to him not to end.

I lost bullshit that made you not talk anymore? CHECK, GROUP!

I’ve never seen a laziness of sending a message to friends. Only yourself and the result is this group stopped.

I miss the gossip I only saw in this group. Now he is so still that I have to look for other sources.

reacts, group. Send a figurine!

This group is stopped because it is up to something. I’m waiting for the result of this mischief.

real life if it was stopped just like this group, we would all be dying of boredom.

Does my Whatsapp bug? You have never arrived a message from this group.

I feel obliged to release a controversy to move this group: Beans under or over?

Always after a bid of messages, this group spends months without saying anything. Let’s find the balance, guys!

I never silenced this group, and yet it has never arrived notification of it again. How can you?

I think my friends lost their cell phones because they never sent anything here in the group.

If this group left if it existed, no one would realize why no one really sends a message.

Not even for good morning you are willing more. Oh Stopped Group, see!

If I have a problem and come to count on this group, I can solve months before someone answers me.

You put the group on the mute and never came back to see if there was something here, right? Eita group stopped!

I arrived to cheer up the group, but it seems that I will need help because everything is so stuck here.

Friends, don’t you want to talk to me or are you just working too much? This group is very still.

If you had a beer for each message sent in the group, it would never be so stuck.

If someone answers me in less than a minute, a pix will be made to ensure the weekend … I didn’t talk about who!

When it has a fight, at least the group moves. Bring more, guys!

God, forgive your children for the laziness of interacting with friends, they do not do it for harm.

Our group no longer moves in birthdays. What happened to us?

I wouldn’t want to be the first to talk about in this group, but silence bothers me. Let’s move, guys.

It seems that you are quiet like that. Say something in the group, please!

I miss when we talked, then we moved to the greetings and now not even that rolls anymore.

Missing the laughs this group has already provided me with. Now it’s vacuum behind vacuum.

I will start sending the files that I need to save here in the group because at least it is busy.

It seems that they have always been quiet. At school, they only scolded for talking too much.

How much this group is still has become a study case. What happened to us?

Don’t let the group die, don’t let the group end. The world needs this group, group for us to talk.

I don’t know if I’m in memory problems, but I don’t remember the last time someone said something in this group.

Now that you have stirred the crowd, keep moving conversations for the subject not to die. For this, check out group messages and quotes involve everyone with what you have to say.

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