40 messages and quotes for proud people who are great pinned in the ego

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It is extremely tiring to deal with proud. This kind of person sucks our energies, does everything to put us down and never recognize their mistakes. The best we can do is keep the distance and save ourselves from poisoning. So we select great messages and quotes for proud people who will help you value yourself. Check it out and share indirect to the smug!

messages and quotes for proud people who only look at their own navel

Who is proud to devour.

The humble person has a glow that delights all those around them. Already the proud person is so mediocre that it usually goes unnoticed.

A little pride is healthy because it helps you recognize your achievements.

proud people find themselves the last cracker in the package, but they are empty, boring and annoying.

The modest man has everything to gain and the proud everything to lose: is that modesty always has to do with generosity and pride with envy.

Get down from the pedestal, stop pride and recognize your mistake! You don’t have this whole ball, no. Humility is good for the heart!

Pride is the complement of ignorance.

Not everything in life is about you, but your pride is so great that it prevents you from seeing a hand beyond your belly button.

The person may look beautiful, but if it is proud, then, he becomes a horrible person.

My patience has a limit! I just got tired of your silly pride, I’m leaving.

Pride for pride is the way it is. And I program my mind not to look for you.

The proud person is always looking at his own belly button and forgets that there is a world around him. One day, she stumbles on her own feet and falls.

Deep down, every proud person dies of envy of the success of the other.

It is better to lose pride than to lose a loved one. If you do not recognize your arrogance, you will end up despised by everyone.

There are people who are so proud that just passing close I get sick. I want distance from those who don’t know how to be kind to each other!

Your pride will make you lose incredible opportunities in life. Over time, loneliness will be your only destination.

Pride is ending you. Little by little your friends will forget you.

First, recognize your pride, decide to change your attitudes and then talk to me. I am not required to deal with your arrogance.

If it is not to add, it is better not to diminish the other and not disturb.

Within each proud person there is a tremendous ignorance. You are not the owner of the truth and do not know all things!

The proud person can even achieve success, but he will have no one by her side to celebrate. And this is a great failure!

To please yourself is pride, to others, vanity.

The greater your pride, the greater your fall. And I’ll be here, watching a box, just to say: I warned!

Pride, hypocrisy, vanity and nothing more are three things that in less than a second is undone.

comes a time when pride becomes selfishness.

Pride is a mask that one uses to hide their mediocrity.

Your biggest mistake was to think that I wouldn’t know how to live without you. Now swallow your pride and assume you missed! I’m fine.

For proud people, apologizing is an impossible mission.

In the soil of pride nothing grows but weeds. Rethink your attitudes or you will eventually poison yourself.

Pride makes you blind and deaf. There are many people willing to help you, however, you need to be willing to receive help.

is letting pride speak louder, until you lose who you love.

I know you love me, as I love you and does not mean the truth. Because pride, our enemy, will not be our happiness.

It was not for lack of warning! I said your pride would eventually turn you into a bitter and lonely person. Now, deal with the consequences!

By my side, I only want the humble of heart and simple soul. Proud people, dispensed!

To deal with proud people, we need to recover our self -esteem and decide to stop suffering for those who only think of themselves.

The greater your pride, the less chance for you to have true and lasting friendships.

Pride is so toxic that it kills all the qualities of a person.

Pride is like a moldy sand in which you will end up sinking.

When pride crushes the wings, time is a vague bird.

Deep down, a proud person is full of insecurities, but he has no courage to admit and is too arrogant to ask for help.

The proud person should be ashamed of his attitudes. Check out our humility messages and quotes, the best remedy against arrogance, and always make a self -assessment so as not to let the presumption destroy your relationships.

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