40 messages and quotes for meeting young people who walk with faith

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Retreats are unique activities where you can have an intimate encounter with the Lord and renew the vows of faith. It is a moment of internalization, reflection and a lot of prayer. If you have friends or family who will go through this experience with God, send one of our messages and quotes to meet young people who are full of lessons. Check it out below!

messages and quotes for meeting young people seeking God

Enjoy this unique moment to meet with God and renew your faith!

May this meeting make a real conversion to your heart!

The world needs young people of faith, young people who understand and live the true love of Jesus Christ!

young people, I wrote you because you are strong, and in you the Word of God remains and you have won the evil one.

May God’s love touch your heart and make all pain into joy within you!

Enjoy this meeting to silence, listen to the Word and ask God for everything you need.

Lord Jesus, we ask you to bless this meeting and renew in the lives of these young people!

Talk to God. No need to use beautiful or difficult words. Speak in your simplicity, your way. Talk to you!

Dear young people: Ide with confidence to meet Jesus!

God’s search is the pursuit of joy. The encounter with God is joy itself.

Because, where are two or three gathered in my name, then I am in their midst.

How can the young man keep his conduct pure? Living according to your word.

deposit all your trust in the Lord and live these days of meeting all your faith!

Rejoice, young, in your youth! Be your heart happy in the days of your youth! Follow where your heart send, how far your view reaches; But know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment.

If you have faith, until the impossible can happen!

May God always be with you. But, above all, that you are always with God.

No servant can serve two gentlemen. Because either will hate one and love the other, or will cling to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

God does not seek perfect people. He looks for heart available!

Deliver your dreams, ambitions, your fears and afflictions to the Lord. Open your heart and let him act in your life!

No one despises you for being young, but be an example for the faithful in the word, procedure, love, faith and purity.

In every meeting you have with God, He takes something from you and puts something of Him.

Don’t let the world separate you from God’s love!

You do not need to give up your youth to follow God. You just need to have faith!

Always trust mercy and God’s love!

It doesn’t matter what you lived in the past, God wants to know your now and be present in your life.

no one has greater love than someone who gives life to friends.

May the Lord always be your refuge and your strength!

The message that Christ has given us and we announce to you is this: God is light, and there is no darkness in Him.

Even if you don’t believe it, even if everything seems confusing, trust all your thoughts to the Lord and he will give you the answer you seek.

When God’s presence is everything you have, you will realize that you have everything you need.

When you meet God, be sure to open your heart to receive your love and ears to hear your Word!

If even death was able to stop God’s love, do you think your mistakes can?

Learn young people: God will always bring the right people to your life, but you have to let the wrong leave.

When you accept to have a meeting with God, you will realize peace and light dominating your life!

During this meeting, forget about the world out there. Live this moment with your heart and mind open. The Lord is waiting!

You will live amazing experiences at this meeting, have no doubt. If you let God act, all this anguish in your heart will be healed.

If you let God act, wonders will happen in your life!

awake, it’s time to change!

God does not choose the skilled, but enables the chosen ones!

God only wants one thing: May you open your heart and live this meeting intensely. Enjoy!

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