40 messages and quotes for friend sister who will exalt your union

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Having a friend you consider your sister is very rare and wonderful, because you know you can trust her for everything, since you are always present in each other’s lives.

Thus, we listed the following messages and quotes for friend sister who will demonstrate how wonderful and important your friendship for your life. Choose your favorite!

Best messages and quotes for Friend Sister

Find the best messages and quotes for friend sister who will help you show all your love and friendship for this friend so special in your life!

Life says you are my best friend, but my heart says you are my sister!

Never forget that here you will always have a friend sister, someone you can always tell and who will support you in any decision of your life. I love you!

Side by side or distant miles, sister friends will always be connected by the heart.

It’s so good to have the best friend, the sister of heart and the person I love so much.

Anyway, is she your sister? Yes. No, but if she needs mine, I give.

You are my best friend, my sister. I will do everything to be with you and, regardless of what happens, you can always count on me.

Building a friendship with you was like winning a sister just for me. I love you, friend!

More than friends, we are sisters! United not by blood, but by the truest friendship. I love you, best friend!

We are best friends, better defined as sisters. I’m here for you, even when the clock says I was already.

friend, sister, confidant and guardian angel. All this in one person: my best friend.

messages and quotes for friend crazy sister

having a friend sister is already wonderful, but when this friendship comes with some doses of madness the adventures become even more unforgettable. So check out messages and quotes for friend crazy sister and show how your friendship is filled with good times!

Destiny made us friends, because no mother would hold us like sisters.

You go crazy to the best way possible. We are friends and sisters for life.

best friend is one that can be totally crazy and unbalanced, but never lets you lose your balance.

The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and friendship is eternal!

Who has crazy friends has a memory full of good times, great adventures and infinite follies committed together.

รด girl, even your madness suits mine.

From all the crazy in the world I wanted you!

Every woman has that friend who when they join are a danger to society.

With you I collect the craziest, beautiful and better memories. We have a lot of history to tell. Thank you for everything, friend!

I asked God a friend and he sent this crazy with a screw unless I love.

Short messages and quotes for friend sister

Check out short messages and quotes for friend sister who will prove that there is not many words to define such a true friendship!

heart friends, soul sisters.

Best friends is little, we are sisters!

friends by chance, sisters by choice.

friend, you are the family that my heart has chosen.

I have a friend who is my heart sister.

friend, we don’t have to prove with DNA our sisters’ love.

Who said to be a sister needs to be blood?

accomplices, friends and best sisters. We are all this and even more.

Having a friend you consider as a sister is very rare.

You are almost sister and forever my friend.

FRIENDS FOR FRIEND Birthday sister

Your sister friend’s birthday is something that must be very celebrated! So choose one of our messages and quotes for friend birthday sister and make her day even happier!

Today we will celebrate your day with everything you deserve and all my attention. Be happy, my friend sister, today and forever, with me by your side!

I love you, my sister, my friend, my everything! I really want to be happy, the way you think it should be, and also make the most of this day. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, my friend sister! Gratitude is the feeling that summarizes today. It is so rare to find someone like you, who surpasses blood ties, turns into a family.

The meaning of brotherhood made sense only when I found you. Happy Birthday friend. I am very grateful for our friendship and for everything you have already added in my life.

You are more than a friend, you are the sister my parents could not give me. You are my joy on the darkest days. I hope you have a wonderful day, happy birthday!

Congratulations, friend! May life continue to graduate with you with love, health, success and peace. May today bring you a lot of joy and good surprises. Be very happy, today and forever!

I wish you a wonderful day and, when it is up to me, it will be so. You deserve everything, not only today, but always! I love you, my friend sister! Congratulations!

I wish you the same happiness that I dream to me. May you complete more years of life and that for all of them we know how to keep our beautiful friendship, always constant and true!

My friend, partner, borrowed sister and adventuremate, you are so much different for me that I’m sure that without you I could not live. Today I want to wish you a happy birthday!

having a friend who is always honest and respects us is a privilege that not everyone has. More than a friend, you are like a sister! Congratulations on your day!

having such a true friendship is something unique! So, also check out our photo subtitles with best friend and enjoy surprising your friend posting a photo with her on your social networks!

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