40 messages and quotes for dear friend who show how close you are

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Do you know that friendship that is kept in a very special place of your heart? It’s that friend you never want to lose and make all the difference in your life. She deserves to know how important it is for you. So we selected the best messages and quotes for dear friend who translate the value she has for you. Check it out!

Prayers for dear friend who praise the beauty of this friendship

friend, how good it is to count on you and know that a dear person like that, is part of my life.

dear friend, how amazing you are and how special it is to meet you up close. I hope for you and your success.

dear friend, life by your side is always a party. You bring joy to everyone who knows you. I’m grateful for your life.

When I think of someone I always want by my side, it is you who come to my mind, dear friend.

How not to smile when remembering such a dear friend? You are a partner for all hours and I am very grateful to share my life with you.

You are my best friend, my angel, the most beloved person on earth. I’m very lucky to have you as a sister.

I closed my eyes and remembered you, dear friend. It was a thought of longing and willingness to have you around.

I know that angels exist because I’m lucky enough to be friends with the most beloved of all. Its light infects my good energy life.

Your vibe is so good, friend. You are lively, fun, dear and a person who knows how to hear, advise and take care.

friend, you are dear, special, important to me and I would not trade you for anything in this world.

I want you to never forget how amazing it is. You are full of beauty and love to give. Thank you for being so dear!

Friend, your way is admirable and you are too dear to me. How good it is to count on you and know that you will be here. I love you!

Without my dear friend, my life would not even have half iconic stories to tell.

My heart is very happy to see you happy. You deserve the world, dear friend. Keep conquering everything you want.

Dear friend, how grateful I get to know that you exist. You inspire me to be a better person and seek my dreams, just as you have done.

I like to remember everything we live and realize how your company has always made a difference in my life, dear friend!

friend, I don’t know how to live without you and your advice that are so special. You are too dear!

It’s so good to have such a dear friend to trust, live unforgettable memories and share the good and bad times of life.

A dear friend is the one we miss as soon as it says goodbye. You are very special!

You are my best friend, my sister, my person in this life. Thank you for your friendship. You are special and very dear!

You can be everything you want and chose to be such a dear friend. I love you!

Our friendship is strong and overcomes all challenges. Thank you for being so dear and so friendly!

You are more than a dear friend, you are the most special person of my life. How do I love to have you with me in all my moments.

Life is only complete with your presence and your friendship. Thank you for being dear, for being animated, for being reliable, for being my sister.

I always want to be your friend and always have you around. You are a dear person who makes all the difference in my life.

You are my real friend, the one that always by my side. Thank you for your friendship and for being so dear.

You are my soul, my best friend and who completes me in this life. You are the most beloved person in the world all.

dear friend, our friendship is the strongest and most important part of my life. Thank you for being my sister.

Even before I could imagine, you were already important to me. I love you, dear friend!

Our follies combine, our dreams are similar and we will always be side by side. I love you, dear friend.

dear friend, I will always be here for you and will not measure efforts to see you smile when life tries to knock you down.

My most special and dear gift from life is your friendship. It is impossible not to love you and not feel loved by you.

It was the destination that united us and made us friends. Thanks to him, I can live with such a dear person. I love you!

dear friend, in my heart, you have a special place that is yours alone. I love you!

God blessed me with a very dear friend who makes my life a sea of ​​joys.

that we will be friends forever, that’s sure. In all my life, I want your friendship by my side. I love you, dear.

dear friend, I want to remind you how beautiful you are, both inside and outside.

dear friend, not all the words in the world can translate what you are to me. You are dear, special, sister, a true angel sent by God.

In the midst of this chaos of life, I found a dear friend to live all the most insane adventures. I love you!

dear friend, your presence in my life makes all the difference. I always want to have you around and I will always be here to help you.

Your life partner will rejoice in such a demonstration of affection. Keep valuing this friendship with our affectionate messages and quotes for friend and make her day more special.

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