40 messages and quotes for baptism groomsmen to honor their divine mission

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Baptism is a very important moment for every Christian. Just as important as the choice of godparents, because they will be people who will guide, protect and bless their godson. Therefore, we have selected the best quotes for baptism groomsmen who thank and invite special people to accept this responsibility. Check it out and share who you trust this mission!

Quotations for baptism godparents showing the importance of this mission

Dad of heaven told me that you were the right people to guide me in the life of faith. Do you accept to be my godparents?

To be a godfather of baptism is to be responsible for teaching you the ways of the Lord and keeping the godson’s faith. And I know you will realize this responsibility.

I know you have been and I trust you to choose from being a baptism godfather for my baby!

Thanks for accepting such responsibility and help me with this mission of instructing and passing faith to my baby!

daddy and mommy know how much you love God and have chosen you to always be by my side and guide me on your ways. Do you accept this mission?

We trust you a lot and we have full conviction that we are making the right choice. Thank you for accepting this beautiful mission!

The day of my baptism has arrived and I’m happy to be my godparents. Our ties will be signed for life!

In addition to my titles, you were promoted to my groomsmen of baptism. I will be very happy with you.

A little angel from heaven has fallen here on Earth and is asking you to help with it. Do you top?

This decision was thought and rethought, but we knew that there was no one but you would fit this mission so well to support the faith of our little one.

Do you accept to guide me in the footsteps of faith and teach me about love, partnership and Jesus? I love you!

Dad and Mom suggested and I accepted first. Now you only have to be my dindos.

One of the first important decisions we need to make for our children is the one who will be his godfather of baptism. For all we lived, I never had a doubt that it would be you.

This was our plan well before we had children. Now we are doing it and I am very happy to have you as the baptism godfather of my little one.

Dad and Mom have decided that I will always walk close to God and want you to help me in these steps. Do you accept to be my godparents?

Our friendship has become a family and we will further firm our ties with this step of faith. Thank you for accepting to be groomsmen of my little one.

We get the greatest gift from our lives and want you to be part of it as baptism groomsmen. Do you accept?

This is a bond that will never be destroyed because it was built by faith. This is the most beautiful mission that exists!

Thank you so much for sharing with us this responsibility to educate a child in the faith. I know I can trust you!

You are guardians of my little one and I am grateful for accepting this responsibility with so much joy.

Life is a beautiful journey and we want you to be part of our baby’s walk on a special role. Do you accept to be his baptism groomsmen?

We seal a lifetime commitment and we are united forever as a family. Thank you for accepting this beautiful responsibility!

We chose you to help our little one to grow in faith and become an amazing person because we trust you a lot.

We will be friends, companions, partners and very close. I promise to listen carefully to all the advice that gives me.

My little heart is lit because you have accepted my dindos. Thanks for making this commitment to me and my family!

I’ll call you Dinda, always hug you with love and hear everything you have to tell me. Do you accept to be my godmother of baptism?

friends, you were promoted to comadres. If you accept, we will always be united with a beautiful mission. Do you accept being our son’s baptism groomsmen?

There are some friends we trust a lot and we know we can count all the time. That is why we chose you as our son’s baptism groomsmen.

To be godfather of baptism is to be present, be advice, be friendly, and being guardian. You have all these qualities!

My parents love you more than anything in life and would be very happy if you accepted to be my dindos. What do you tell us?

Being a godfather of baptism is to love unconditionally and we know how much you love our baby.

In addition to trusting you, we realize the affection they feel for our baby. Do you accept to be his baptism groomsmen?

Thank you so much for accepting this mission and responsibility. This commitment is beautiful and we are happy that he has joined us even more.

Creating a child in faith is a mission together and you have agreed to be part of this team. Thank you very much!

godparents are like angels who keep the children of evil. You are the right people for that!

You helped me walk when you are difficult, will lead me closer to God and will always be by my side. You will be the best baptism groomsmen in the world!

trust, love and consideration inspired us to make this decision. You are prayer answers and I know you took care of our little one!

Your mission is to pray for me and help me find God every day. Do you be my godfather of baptism?

To be godfather of baptism is to be a little of everything, always thinking about the good of your godson, in other words, how to lead you through the paths of the God.

To be a godfather of baptism is to show the path that leads to God and that feeds faith. For the size of your faith in the Lord, we trust this mission to you!

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