40 messages and quotes by Raul Seixas to remember the singer who marked the 70s

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Raul Seixas is a much remembered name by Brazilians for his successful music career in the 70s and 80s. He was born in 1945, was a singer, musician and composer, passionate about Rock and Roll, and wrote songs that are successful to the days today.

Among them are: “Crazy Beauty”, “Try Again” and “Walking Metamorphosis”, which are the most heard by current generations. In addition to the solo compositions, he also participated in the group “Os Pantras” and wrote eight of the twelve songs of the album they released.

Thinking about the success of the singer, we made a list of messages and quotes from Raul Seixas for you to remember some excerpts of their songs that are loaded with messages. Check it out!

Raul Seixas messages and quotes that are successful to this day

We are the exact answer of what we asked.

Do not say that the victory is lost. Have faith in God, have faith in life. Try again!

No one has the right to judge me except myself. I belong to myself and I do what I do well understand.

There is only love when there is no authority.

I prefer to be crazy in a world where normal build bombs.

I’m not crazy. It is the world that does not understand my lucidity.

I am what I am because I live in my way.

Think of a day with childhood. Without much importance try to remember. You will surely miss you. Closing your eyes will see.

I don’t wonder, I do it!

I prefer to be this walking metamorphosis, than having that old opinion formed about everything.

The art of being crazy is never to commit the madness of being a normal subject.

My selfishness is so selfish that the height of my selfish is wanting to help.

Just be sincere and desire deep, you will be able to shake the world.

The problem is a lot of star for little constellation.

I am, I go, I will.

Hate is not real, it is the absence of love.

I have a lot of great things to conquer, and I can’t stand still.

Today I know no one in this world is happy having loved it once.

What I want, I will make it!

Leave those who dream of being happy dwelling paradise.

I learned the secret of life, seeing the stones that dream alone in the same place.

Love only lasts in freedom.

Like Real Estate Stones on the beach, I get by your side without knowing the loves that life brought me and I couldn’t live.

I am the light of the stars, I am the color of moonlight, I am the things of life, I am the fear of loving.

jealousy is only vanity.

Lift your thirsty hand and start to walk, don’t think your head can stand if you stop.

If it’s day, I own the world and I feel son of the sun. If it’s night, I surrender to the stars in search of a lighthouse.

Do not say that victory is lost if it is battles that live life.

As long as you strive to be a normal guy and do everything the same, me by my side learning to be crazy, a total crazy.

I am the candle that lights up, I am the light that goes out, I am on the edge of the abyss, I am everything and nothing.

I learned to be quiet and start all over again.

You have me every day, but you don’t know if it’s good or bad. But know that I’m in you, but you are not in me.

Each of us is the result of the union of two hands glued to the same prayer!

Dream that one dreams is just a dream that dreams alone. But dream that dreams together is reality.

I was born ten thousand years ago. And there’s nothing in this world that I don’t know too much.

Let’s choose much better conditions. Far from this sad carnival of illusions.

Behind the curve of danger, there is something much younger and less sad.

I don’t know where I’m going. But I know I’m on my way.

I’m not a beast to take a wave of hero.

Faith in God, have faith in life.

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