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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1982, Matilde Campilho is the author of the book Jockey, a collection of modern poems that addresses various subjects between Lusitanian and Brazilian lands. And if you love to deepen poetic and beautiful texts, then you can’t help but read these beautiful messages and quotes by Matilde Campilho!

Matilde Campilho messages and quotes that will make you dive into the world of this amazing writer

When I could no longer with silence, I heard the songs.

longing is a beat that bursts like this twenty -eight times from my tattooed shoulder of disaster to the rose hanging in his mouth.

Revolutions have always been the right place for the discovery of quiet: perhaps because no house is safe, perhaps because no body is safe.

Art does not save the world, but saves the minute.

So I think love is the opposite of the end.

Only you knew how many flowers I used, because now I already know you dedicated the nights to count. God does not sleep and you do not.

I heard of death the same day I knew that love is important, but not unchanging.

pay attention to this knot that happens in the stomach at the very moment when you expect your lover.

I read about birds and came to know that birds measure the distance in body units and not meters: the density of each body does not matter, what matters is the distance between them.

I found that the axis of a village may well be the axis of a woman’s body.

One day you write to your parents talking about love. Forty days later, your parents write you talking about fishing nets and the danger of fishing nets.

We are utilizing love, widening the almond tree arms, widening the arms of the jacaranda, departing the useless border lines and making the world the giant forest.

I looked more carefully to the design of the structure and discovered: the human race is all brightness.

My face is old before me. I recognize my gods and it is assumed that Jonas also recognized the whale.

I get closer and closer to my ascendant as I make peace with my sun. I recognize my heroes those who came before and those who will come later.

It takes much more than certain weather conditions for love to drain.

Certain songs arouse in us the willingness of a story that has happened but it will not happen anymore. Some stories have the exact duration of rock music, others are divided into corners. In the interval you can buy popcorn.

This is how you thought I would stay in the world with a beast body dressed wearing a pencil in the ear.

I was able to cross the city at a bicycle to see you dance. And that says a lot about my thoracic box.

Death is the opposite of justice.

Walter Benjamin was right about the circles – the more it runs around love, the more love expands.

This thing of joy will still work very well.

hold on. Do it by polishing your laughter, especially at dusk. Daily the aim and pray that the shot is never necessary. There is no better protection than the awareness that we can decide to shoot beside

Because passion is not of all the most important thing but it is the straw through which you can see that the world is very made of paper buildings.

In what depend on love, beyond passion and beyond desire: no one else will drown.

It is on earth that the consciousness of the world is, and we must hear your noise to act in truth.

I called my first love and told you about that same death. I remember that he stayed for a long time silent and then heard the noise of a dry throat.

I watch the whole scene and I think this vision, real or invented, is much worse than the truth to slap.

I think tenderness is important.

makes guts heart, but I know very well that you love my eyes and never for the things that die of rotten, internal zones and such.

I could write your name 70 times in a row. But that would not amaze the longing I feel to say your name between salt and teeth.

I’m still not knowing how a poem is made but at least I can double the clothes.

Few people told the stripes of a zebra, but all who did it returned differently.

A ajar door does not let the real.

We are the children of summer – we are the inverse of darkness.

This would no longer improve the lack that makes your body inside the invisible shadow that sits next to me at the restaurant at 11 am.

Where you go I don’t know. Actually I don’t care anymore, because on the way to post-mortem it happened that I gave the guys with life.

I will learn to love the houses when I understand that the houses are made of people who were made by people and who contain in themselves the possibility of making people.

Whatever love still makes me a lot hunger and the open still seems to me the righteous asphalt to the whole revolution.

Today if I could go back to town, just to kiss the city on the mouth.

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