40 messages and quotes against homophobia to defeat this cruel prejudice

By: Tranoniq.com

Do you know what homophobia is? It is a set of negative attitudes that hurt all people who feel attracted to the same genre, either through curses, aggressions, aversion or many other actions. Unfortunately, this kind of violence is part of the world and especially in our country, one of the most prejudiced on the planet.

Prejudice prevents many people from having a job, a healthy family environment and even friends. Have you ever wondered how much this can impact someone? People must be free to be who they are, everywhere and situations! Therefore, fighting homophobia, whenever we can, is an important step.

This list full of messages and quotes against homophobia will make you reflect and inspire you to follow fighting prejudice. Check it out and live the diversity!

messages and quotes to fight homophobia

same -sex love is not and will never be a problem. The problem is your prejudice.

If you don’t like gay wedding, don’t marry a gay.

When people overcome prejudice, empathize and respect for others regardless of any factor, perhaps the world is a better place, the most evolved people and the slightly more human relations.

Being gay is not a sin. Be prejudiced, yes.

Do not judge someone for sexuality when you do not want to be judged by character.

When you think of being disgusted with someone’s sexuality, look in the mirror, and think if you would like you to be disgusted with you.

There is no cure for what is not disease.

Love has no sexual choice, love happens.

marriage between homosexuals did not create problems for religious institutions; religious institutions have created problems for gay marriage.

For a world without prejudice. For a world without homophobia.

It is never too late to give up our prejudices. Say no to homophobia!

Homophobia is undoubtedly disguised hatred of religious commandment.

Education comes from the cradle. Honor the education your parents gave you and live a world without prejudice.

Who assumes their truth acts according to the values ​​of life, even facing prejudice and paying the price of being different, passes credibility, obtains respect and is realized.

The only wrong thing about being gay is the way some people treat them when they find out.

homophobia has cure: education and criminalization.

The whole world continues to talk about love. Poets spend their lives writing about it. Everyone thinks it’s the most wonderful thing. However, when talking about two same -sex people loving, people forget everything and are afraid.

Do not hide behind the Constitution or the Bible. If you are against gay marriage, be honest. Put a red “h” on your shirt, saying “I’m a homophobic”.

I hate the word “homophobia”. It is not a phobia. You are not afraid. You are an idiot.

This is why homophobia is a terrible evil: it disguises a concern when it is inherently hatred.

People are taught to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, because love is more natural to the human heart than their opposite.

manifests itself. Homophobia has to end.

shameful is prejudice. Ugly is intolerance. Abnormal is the lack of sensitivity and understanding. As long as society insists on judging the types of love relationships and sexual genres, we cannot consider ourselves in an evolved world.

Love should never mean having to live in fear!

Freedom is not a privilege, it is right!

On TV, homosexuals remain caricatural and ridiculous. In the streets, transvestites are still targeted by attacks and murders. In families, young people remain under repression, having to hide their desire. After all, what so threatens you?

You don’t have to be gay, lesbian or bi to be against homophobia. Just have a brain and a good deal of common sense.

love yes. Homophobia, No.

If my love bothers you, the problem is you!

The world is for everyone, minorities are as well as majority!

Take your prejudice from my way, I want to pass with my love.

homosexuality is not a disease and what has cure is your homophobia.

Love the next. If you can’t, at least respect!

Why hate a person for their way of loving?

Love is not a disease, it is a cure! And sick is the one who has prejudice for this feeling.

homophobia. The brands of this violence cannot be covered.

Hate Speech is not freedom of expression! Your homophobia can not have space!

Love is too beautiful to be hidden because of the hatred of others.

Take the accent of Amen and love it! Homophobia kills!

defend equality and humanity. Say no to homophobia!

With each generation that is born, more and more people open to the differences in the world arise. Therefore, it becomes a little better and better, but we still have a long way to go against existing prejudices. Check out this selection of messages and quotes about prejudice and continue in the fight!

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