40 messages and quotes about turning the page and giving a new chance in life

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In life, not everything is flowers. Unfortunately, we suffer disappointments, hurt and delude ourselves with things or people. However, for every end, there is a chance to start over. We just need to have the courage to take a new step. With that in mind, we have selected messages and quotes about turning the page that encourages you to start from scratch. Check it out and open for another chapter!

messages and quotes about turning the page and starting your story

The important thing is that we can always start over, turn the page and write a new story for our life.

I will turn the page and I will not take you with me in this new phase of my story.

Sometimes, turning the page is the best thing we can do to leave the past in his place.

Before you turn the page, make sure you got just what you need to embark on your side in this new phase of your history.

either you turn the page, or close the book, but you can’t keep repeating the same story always.

Once we turn the page, it is not possible to go back. Make sure this is really what you want.

Don’t be brooding out what happened. Let this suffering leave when opening a new page in your history.

Life is a book and who writes it is us. If you have not liked what you wrote so far, there is always the opportunity to turn the page.

When it turns the page, we ended issues that needed closing.

It is an extreme act of courage to turn the page of your life and start over without the company of the person who has hurt you.

Turning the page requires strength, but we can only rewrite our story if we have the courage to close what happened.

When you turn the page, get ready to start from 0. A new story can be written by you.

The first step to get rid of the pain is to turn the page and let it stay in the past.

To overcome someone, we need to learn to start over without him. Turn the page of your life and start a love story with yourself.

End cycles, close the doors, turn the pages, but do not continue to make the same mistakes.

In addition to turning the page, buy a new pen and have more courage to write a new part of your story.

The important thing is to start over, try once again, turn the page and give happiness an opportunity.

Turn the page for you: this is the best to do in the life of someone who needs to start over.

When you turn the page, you give yourself the opportunity for a fresh start of judgments and everything that made you suffer earlier.

Even if it hurts, turning the page always hurts less than the reason that made us make this decision.

comes one day, you realize that turning the page is your only choice, but it will also bring relief to your heart.

It makes no sense to try to follow with those who don’t want to go with you. Turn the page and rewrite your story alone!

When life stops making sense, it is possibly because this part of its history is over. Turn the page, start and open yourself to the surprises it has reserved you.

To end suffering, it is better to leave it behind. Turn the page of your life and do not take you with you.

Overcoming is learning to move on, turn the page and start the life from where it stopped.

You deserve to be happy again. Turn the page and start writing your history of happiness.

Do not shed any tears anymore for those who do not deserve you. Your story starts turning the page of your life with an open heart to happiness.

Turn the page of your life when you feel the time, but do it for you, because you need this breathing breath.

Sometimes all we need is to let us invade by new air. Turn the page of your life and feel the renewal invade your lungs.

It’s time to turn the page, paste the pieces of your heart and get strengthened to be happy again.

The best thing you can do for you is to turn the page and start your life thinking about what can make you happy.

Suffering was in the past. I took courage, wrote “End” and turned the page to start my “Once upon a time”.

Happy forever does not exist, but we can always write a new book on a new page full of new opportunities.

When you turn the page, you will be able to find a new love, one that really values ​​you.

If it’s hard to turn the page, change a book and start a completely new story in your life.

It’s no use just turning the page, we often need to tear it.

When you turn the page, the mistakes made stopped bothering us and, from them, we followed a little faster.

Sometimes it is better to turn the page and start over again, all over again!

Let the page turn, do you? Let the heart in flower open.

If you turn the page, I don’t know, I will learn to close the book at once.

that this new phase of your life is happier than the previous one. And if it’s hard, check out our sentences from the day after another and remember that the process is slow, but it is very worth it!

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