40 messages and quotes about the power of faith that manifest God’s mercy

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believing in God’s mercy is what renews the daily mood. Even in the face of everyday difficulties and afflictions, it is important to maintain a relationship with the Most High and stand in Him. Therefore, how about checking out these blessed messages and quotes about the power of faith that will make you restore confidence in the Lord’s act? See and put yourself in prayer!

messages and quotes about the power of faith to strengthen your relationship with God

Faith drives you to victory even when everything seems to be impossible.

Everything is possible for what believes.

Reason makes me feel fear while faith leads me to believe in the impossible.

Having faith in God and in His grace gives you the power of Son of the Most High!

If faith made Peter walk on the waters with Jesus, imagine what it can do for your dreams.

and Jesus turning, and seeing her, said, Her, daughter, your faith saved you. And immediately the woman was healthy.

Afflictions try to discourage me, but I won’t stop. I have a strength in me to win … It’s the power of faith.

There are no walls that will stand before me. I am established in Christ!

Faith has the power to perform great deeds in your life. Just believe it!

Faith becomes even more powerful when we stand in Christ and do not leave the center of God’s will!

Above all the shield of faith, with which you may erase all the inflamed darts of the evil one.

I will believe in you, I won’t be discouraged. Faith crown those who do not hesitate. A step in faith today I want to give.

At all times, I use my faith as a superpower and I feel safe, because I know that God takes care of me.

If you have faith, you have the power to intercede for someone’s life and change a story … God has given you that. Take possession!

When you realize how powerful faith is to see life with other eyes.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon of those who have faith.

No harm resists the power of faith!

My faith may not move mountains, but moves me to the father’s atria, and nothing is as powerful as that!

Faith is what makes you sure in the power God has to make the impossible happen!

For all that is born of God overcomes the world; And this is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith.

There will never be an explanation for the things that happen as a result of the power of faith!

The only thing capable of stopping the power of faith is not to believe closing to God’s presence in your life.

Faith has the power to elevate you to heaven, but the lack of it can sink you into the deepest sea.

Sad is the life of those who are unaware of the power of faith in God!

Faith has the power to transform … With it, everything is renewed, everything happens, it is accomplished!

The word has strength and faith all power.

Faith presents us with the strength, courage and power of the Holy Spirit!

miracles only happen by the power of faith in the name of Jesus!

The effectiveness of faith does not depend on the intensity with which we believe, but the trust we place in the one we believe.

You can doubt, but faith is powerful and does things that no one will ever be able to explain.

Obedience to the commandments of the Lord makes faith even more powerful!

The greatest power of faith is to approach God!

Faith has the power to heal and operate the most extraordinary miracles of human existence.

Faith is what fills you with strength and makes you win a battle against thousands of soldiers!

The most powerful force of the universe is faith.

Faith strengthens us and empowers us to pass through Vale.

The power of God is immeasurable and a part of it is given to us through faith.

With faith, the mountains will fall. With faith, sadness will come out. With faith, life will change. With faith, I can witness.

Prayer is the manifestation of the power of faith.

I may not have the power of anything, but I have faith in God and that is all I need to win!

having the conviction in the power of the Father is extraordinary, don’t you think? To continue filling your heart with faith, see also these messages and quotes of trust in God that will make you rest in the arms of the Most High!

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