40 messages and quotes about life and love for those who carry good things in their hearts

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Life deserves to be used in the best way possible, alongside the best people, living wonderful experiences that provide us with many good feelings, among them love.

Therefore, we linked to following messages and quotes about life and love that will prove that it is only possible to have a good life if you fill it from this beautiful and special feeling. Check it out!

messages and quotes about life and love to understand that one depends on the other

Live Life with Love and for Love!

I just want life to pass without hurry, to have love every day and God bless every choice my heart makes for me.

Life without love is a book without letters, a spring without flowers, a colorless painting.

Where has love, there is life!

I learned that I cannot demand anyone’s love. I can just give good reason to like me and have patience to make life do the rest.

Life would not have felt without love, for love is a gift from God.

I no longer want to be a winner, I take life slowly, not to miss love.

Feed only love in your heart. The greater your alliance with the good, the greater the good in your life.

What we have left is to realize that life is too short to be right, it is better to have love and lose reason.

Just love life and it will return your love.

Demonstrating love is a way of letting life overflow within one’s own heart.

Love will come and when love comes it will embrace you, you will say your name and you will melt. But sometimes love will hurt you, but never do it bad, love does not play because you know that life is already difficult enough.

If everyone was charmed with the simple in life, we would enjoy true love.

The magic of life is that you shed love where to pass and offer gestures of affection to everyone who crosses your way.

little is necessary to completely transform a life: love in the heart and smile on the lips.

Knowing Eternal Love is finding the purpose of life.

I want to tell people that nothing was in vain … that love exists, that it is worth giving yourself to friendships and people, that life is beautiful yes and that I always did the best of me … and it was worth it.

I miss I have the dawn of my life, my dear childhood that the years no longer bring! What a love, what dreams, that flowers in those small afternoons in the shadow of the banana trees under the orange.

The taste of life depends on those who season. Add more love!

Family is the place where life begins and love never ends.

Only laughter, love and pleasure deserve rematch. The rest is more than a waste of timeā€¦ it is a loss of life.

Because life is a proof of fire, face each battle with love in the heart!

Life is a moment, it is a breath. And we only take the love that gave and received, the joy, the affection and nothing else.

Love is good if done in the right way. So don’t be afraid to love. Be afraid to live a life without love.

We need to understand, never forget that life is the only chance we have to learn about love.

In the backpack I kept love, happiness, and perseverance. I’m ready for the trip called Life.

Only when we find love, do we find out what we have missed in life.

Life is built in dreams and realized in love.

Love is the best song in the score of life. Without Him you will be an eternal disabled in the immense choir of humanity.

Eight rules for a better life: never hate, don’t worry, have a simple life, create little expectations, donate a lot of you, always smile, live with love and, above all, be with God. >

Life is sweeter for those who carry love in the heart.

Love creates unforgettable moments in our lives!

The best things in life are free: hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, sleep, love, laughs and good memories.

A life without love is a meaningless life.

Love is an unspeakable feeling that breaks all barriers and limits, invades thoughts and drives emotions, generates peace and euphoria, feeds dreams and illusions … It gives meaning to the lives of all lovers!

Every loving disappointment recalls that in love, as in life, fate is uncontrollable.

Life in abundance comes only through love.

Love happens once in life and if we let it escape we do not find it back!

Love breaks barriers, unites factions, destroys prejudice, healing disease … There is no decent life without love! And of course, who loves, is very loved. And live life more cheerfully …

The first love leaves marks for a lifetime.

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