40 messages and quotes about eyes that reflect the sincerity of the soul

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Our eyes act as an access portal for our soul, our strengths and weaknesses. Thoughts, feelings, secrets, all this can be discovered as we look deep into someone’s eyes. So, perhaps, some people are afraid of being looking in the eyes. We have selected these revealing messages and quotes about eyes that will make you dive into a universe of mysteries and feelings. Come check it out!

messages and quotes about eyes for those who know how to decipher your mysteries

When you look deep in my eyes, my heart loses its hits of the beats.

Who I am, you will only notice when looking in my eyes, or rather, besides them.

See the sun this morning so gray. The storm that arrives is the color of your eyes.

I added in the charm of your eyes.

Don’t mess with! Do not speak! Look at me! From your eyes something very sweet comes out that makes me a lot of great!

When you look at me and say you love me, everything is fine.

I like glances. The eyes reflect a part of the soul that is almost never reveals.

Certain looks carry with them so much love and light, which function as soul headlights.

I love your brown eyes, and I know, it seems strange how often I say I love you. But it is repeating signs in sequence that passion becomes consequence.

Open your eyes and see what an amazing life God prepared for you.

We don’t need the eyes to love, right? We just feel inside us. It is so in heaven. It’s just love. And no one forgets who loves.

When we open our eyes, the windows of the body open, and the world appears reflected within us.

There is a certain mystery in her eyes, which I can’t decipher, but it makes me even more in love every time I see them.

If you notice well, my eyes will say much more than a thousand words.

We made the eyes a kind of mirrors inward, with the result, often showing them without reservation what we were trying to deny with their mouths.

In your eyes, I can enjoy the sweetness of your love.

I liked the light, his eyes. I liked that I was enchanting me, I liked not being able to delight and yet being enchanting me.

will no longer be enchanted my eyes in your eyes, you will no longer sweeten with you my pain.

The eye to eye reveals things that no word in the world would be able to describe.

The eyes allow us to glimpse the universe with the heart.

Eyes are the interpreters of the heart, but only interested people understand this language.

I found the peace of existence when I looked in his sweet eyes.

Our soul surrenders much more through the eyes than by the ears.

If you really want to know what a woman said, don’t listen to what she said, look in her eyes.

Like a headlight, her gaze illuminated my way. With her next door, I knew where to go.

I am fluent in the eye language.

Time does not change my eyes, but changed my gaze.

I knew my destiny was tied to yours, since their eyes crossed with mine.

The eyes are blind. You have to see with the heart.

There is an entire universe within the eyes of those we love.

My eyes were born to live within yours.

Do you truly know me? Look inside my eyes! There is an entire autobiography within them!

I never talked about my love in words. But if the eyes speak, the most complete idiot could have guessed that I was in love.

Your look is the melody that gives tone to my life.

and even when I close my eyes, I will still feel your perfume, and your touch, the sound of your voice telling me that everything will be fine, that it will never leave me.

If the heart is wanting to talk, look at me in the eye and say.

If your eyes could be something beyond what they already are, it would be a hug.

Come! Flow into me this storm attached to your eyes.

When I look inside your eyes, the sky has a different tone of blue.

I am the kind of person who speaks more with the eyes than to the lips.

There is no denying, looks have a language of their own and that squander sincerity and beauty. Speaking of beauty, how about checking out these smile messages and quotes and looking full of charm?

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