40 Melim messages and quotes for you to know your beautiful songs

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great revelation of Brazilian music, the band Niteroiense Melim is formed by brothers Gabriela, Rodrigo and Diogo. Their songs squander joy, good vibrations, combine a lot with summer and the beach mood and are full of romanticism. Get to know your beautiful songs through our selection of Melim messages and quotes and are enchanted by your amazing work!

Melim messages and quotes to fall in love and sing

if gardener I go, I would irrigate our garden day and night.

There is nothing duier than talking about love.

It is precisely on bad days that life teaches us to improve.

I want to take care of you, admire the sunlight in your eyes.

Note around you: Who has friends is not alone, who makes love lives better.

I always wanted to make you happy how you do it for me.

I haven’t gotten used to you without your heat to share my blanket.

tells me what to do with all this love, if he is all yours and I can’t give you. Tell me what is the grace of a garden without flower, a bird that cannot fly.

I have told me that opposites attract and I don’t even know if it’s true, but our differences are already doing so well.

I love you inside, on the outside and inside out. I want you endless from the beginning. I dived deep into you.

Let me take you to see the flowers, color our garden of love. While the sky is mixing the colors, we love it to the sun.

Your perfume smells like a problem, you are confusion. But no problem, because I am the solution.

To believe in love is to make sure the pain will pass.

It’s so good to stop the world to dream about you.

See, life is a kindness of nature. Long live the privilege of falling in love!

says it’s in mine, I’m already in yours.

Don’t leave our now tomorrow. I want you for yesterday, it’s past time.

enough is little, you are more than double, surpass all my want.

Do you want to prove my honey to sweeten your mouth?

If she calls me, I will. What she asks, I give. I unlearned to say no.

thousand stars in the sky and only a moon as rare as you. I want you without censorship.

Without your love, I live in poverty. Without your affection, everything is uncertainty.

I am thinking of you, dream high and day.

Just listening to the tone of your voice I no longer feel so alone. The “I” turned into “us”.

Look how things are: In my heart you had an apartment, now there is a mansion.

I go following your steps, discovering facts about you, climbing loudly to deserve you.

When you don’t know what to ask, ask for happiness. When you don’t know what to donate, donate your half.

Enjoy all sensations, feel the rain wet you. And when the sun arrives, let it heat.

Life is made of moments and, no matter how good it is, one day it ends.

I’m thrown at your Cazuza -like feet, glazed in your Medusa eyes.

Have within your heart purity and truth. What you convey, come back with intensity.

Being distant from those who love is silly, pride does not match happiness.

Love is for those who have the courage.

So good to navigate your smile until you lose your judgment.

I saw that it was love when I found you in me and got lost in you.

We are verse and poetry, autumn and wind, beach and carioca. We are bread and bakery, piano and melody, movie and popcorn.

With you, everything is so light that I even take you on the bike back.

My love, please come to live with me, in your lap is my shelter.

Now I can see and tell you that I am in a new world with you.

laughing for nothing is too good, looking to heaven, smiling and grateful!

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