40 Mc Lan messages and quotes for those who have funk running in their veins

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Caio Alexandre Cruz, known by the stage name MC Lan, is a Brazilian funk singer. If you are young and go to the nightlife of town, surely you know your songs. At the age of 24, the funkeiro owns several success hits in the country, having the track “Rabetão” as the 9th most heard in Spotify Brazilian.

The singer has many other famous songs out there, which burst on ballads and university parties. The artist’s productions are part of the genre called “Funk Bold”, which makes a mix of humor and sexual themes in the lyrics of the songs.

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MC LAN messages and quotes for warmth

Do what I say, don’t do what I do!

Want romance? A forbidden book of love!

Stone heart and a bouquet of plastic flowers.

Several brothers want to paste when it suits, fat eye to envy is what comes the most.

Between Notes and Drugs: What is your value?

and, for lack of evidence, I am another doll created and shaped to be an object.

But it only really loved who today is love.

They think it’s luck, but I don’t even give Ibope. I collected a lot of can of your box!

I’m going to make a serenade, just to see you dance naked.

Now that I arrived at the top of the podium, I just think of returning in time one day.

Don’t steal the breeze, put.

ei, psiu, I’m watching you, huh!

And I don’t even know who I am, not where I go but I am sure that I go somewhere. And I’m going from Porsche, with a top mine

is we bite, and the rest? Orestay is hole, thief!

world will spin and she will come back!

I don’t have two jobs like Mano Julius, but like Mano Chris, several hate me, and then?

and besides all, it’s much better than you, huh!

Everything that goes, back!

You know that the world spins, the queue walks.

ô, there is space for everyone in funk, thief, not so!

When you see me leave, know that I won’t come back. Will try to call me, your number I will block …

We always have what it deserves, only value to someone after losing!

If you want me, well. If you don’t want to, amen!

You can choose, which will pay attention …

Yeah, you played and lost me … paid to see and saw too much, regretted!

You don’t have to tell you young people to get into the dance.

But when I’m Crazy, I don’t even know what happens.

I have nothing to do with your bad, so drop from my foot, don’t pursue me!

There are day that you wake up half love, there are nights that you sleep half fuck.

So, get used to my worst side. I’m that good cd with scratched hit that in the best track of the album Pula for the worst track.

My heart can not be hostage to another love that wants to mistreat me.

The head of the bottom thinks more than the above.

The doctor prescribed me benzetacil for envy, but for hesitation I’m already vaccinated.

Faith in God that He is just, but the world does not.

I’m not here to please anyone.

But what’s the point of going back in time and fixing my mistakes if in the future I will continue to act wrong?

where did I go wrong? In a second I was full of them, the other I fell in love.

Amazingly, at the destination I believe.

But this mine steals breeze, is unusual …

I’m all wrong, but I’m wanting to live in right!

In addition to MC Lan, many other funk singers are winning the scene of Brazilian music, especially among young people. Do you like this musical style and hate standing still? So come take a look at this list of funk messages and quotes and already push the chairs to the side so you can dance!

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