40 Madrinha Day messages and quotes that portray her importance in her life

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bridesmaids are like mothers chosen especially by God! For their unconditional love, they give the godson or goddaughter a special affection that can only come from them, in a unique relationship that deserves to be valued. In this sense, do not allow your 25th November to be without honor. Check it out and select one of the godmother’s day sentences and return the affection received!

Perfect godmother’s day messages and quotes to honor the second mother, the heart

Being able to call you my godmother is something for which I am forever grateful! I love you! Happy Maderinha Day!

How lucky my that, among many people in the world, my mother chose the best to be my godmother. May you be eternal! Happy Maderinha Day!

Even though now I make a point of all November 25 to remember the wonderful woman who was my second mother. Happy godmother’s day! Wherever you are, I will always remember the hours we spend together with great affection!

I keep for you, godmother, my most sincere feelings. Happy Maderinha Day!

There are ties that only get strengthened over time and ours is like this, made to last. From the day from baptized to life, from life to eternity! Happy Maderinha Day!

Even if it was from the family, without my godmother, it would be thanks to your maternal and welcoming way that we are so close. I am grateful for this choice of my parents. Happy Maderinha Day!

I trust my family’s good taste, but I know that to work like this, it was God who chose you for me! Happy Maderinha Day!

Today all my love goes to her who allocated all her love for me made a second mother. Good thing you chose that I was your only child, even if at heart! Happy Maderinha Day!

Thank God and my parents from the special godmother I have. She is the person who best plays this role in the world! Happy Maderinha Day!

On my journey, your presence was fundamental and made all the difference for me to become the person I am today! Happy Maderinha Day!

Learn, godmother, that you are in the foreground of my life, and you can be sure that I will always do everything to reward all your affection and be careful with me. It’s your day and congratulate you!

You deserved all the honors of the world, but I hope these words of affection and love will be enough. Without you, I wouldn’t even be half of the man I became! Happy Maderinha Day!

Happy godmother’s day for the one who always takes from me the best smiles and the most sincere confessions. How lucky mine you exist!

Because you are my godmother, my life is lighter to live. Thank you for sharing everything with me. Happy Maderinha Day!

Every day I think of you, but today it is with a special affection. Happy Maderinha Day!

Today, November 25, it’s not your birthday, but it’s the day to celebrate your life and the difference it makes in mine. Happy Maderinha Day!

Godmother present is the representation of love and affection in the life of your goddaughter or godson, and you are like this to me. Happy Maderinha Day!

You have always fulfilled the godmother’s role like no one else, I remember you with great affection at all important moments. Today is your turn to be honored! Happy Maderinha Day!

You will always be one of my favorite parts of life. Happy November 25th! Happy Maderinha Day!

This love was written in the stars. I know you will always be around. Maybe not physically, but your heart will be with me. I love you, godmother! Cheers for your day.

More than the one that brings me closer to God, the lady brings me closer to everything that represents good! Happy Maderinha Day!

I know it would not be the same person I am today if my mother had chosen someone else to be my godmother, how lucky I am! Happy Maderinha Day!

bridesmaids are many, but few are present and loved as you are for me! Happy Maderinha Day!

Let’s enjoy the best of life without fear of making mistakes. For you will be by my side and, if you depend on you, I know that I will always be well accompanied. I love you, godmother! Happy Maderinha Day!

This November 25th, I remember my godmother with all the affection and I wish you a happy day, since all mine are happy thanks to her!

Even if we have no blood connection, our hearts have always been united and consecrated by God and I love it as if it were part of me. Happy Maderinha Day!

To be godmother is to be constant presence and unconditional love for the son generated in the heart and soul … at least that’s what you represent for me! Happy Maderinha Day!

godmother, your sweetness made me a sweeter person and his tenderness enchants me! Happy Maderinha Day!

To be godmother is to receive a mother’s confidence to take care of her son as if she were her own son. You play that wonderfully well role. Happy Maderinha Day!

Along with the godfather, you made your home my second home, my favorite place in the world. Thank you so much! Happy Maderinha Day!

godmother, more than mother in God’s eyes, you are also a source of comfort and light on dark days. Thank you for everything. Happy Maderinha Day!

For me, we make it every day to be November 25th. After all, you deserve daily honors for the role you play in my life! Happy Maderinha Day!

You are a gift from God, an angel who came to glow my life. I was not generated in your womb, but in your heart! Happy Bridesmaids Day!

November 25th! No wonder a month left for Christmas, my parents’ gift for me was you. Happy Maderinha Day!

For meeting me from my mother’s belly, in you, I found an identification of ours, so I know that I have to tell you, who knows me like no one else. How we are lucky for having each other! Happy Maderinha Day!

If it had not been baptized anytime soon, I would not have known God and His way of loving Him. It would definitely not be who I am. Happy Maderinha Day!

All the gifts you looked for me with all your life, and yet your presence is my favorite treat. Happy godmother’s day! I love you!

If I ever feel alone I will not give importance, I will meet you, godmother. I know it will be waiting for me. You will share your dreams with me and help me fulfill mine. Happy Maderinha Day!

That today, for remembering how loved by me, my dear godmother gives at least a smile! Happy Maderinha Day!

I make a point of always valuing you because whenever I am with you I feel the most beloved person in the world. You are special! Happy Maderinha Day!

How good it is to show an important person how valuable he is! So that the special day of your honoree is even better, also check out birthday messages and quotes for godmother and already select which one you will use!

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