40 love sentences of love that will overflow your heart of affection

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A hug alone has the magic formula of warmth and peace. When it happens for love, it becomes extraordinary. This meeting of bodies conveys so many emotions that it is difficult to define it in a nutshell. Therefore, we have selected the most comforting and lovely love messages and quotes full of warmth that will show you the charm of this act. Check it out!

messages and quotes of hugs of love for those who love this affective exchange full of affection

I want to live in a hug from you. Your chest is my home and the beats of your heart are rhythmic with mine.

In all victories, in every achievement, the recognition and the most delicious hug is always that of the loved one.

The best hug is the one who crosses the body and wrapping the soul making them melody.

Your hug is my protection, your kiss warms my soul and your love makes me feel safe. If this is not love, I don’t know what it can be anymore.

I hug you and feel things that I can’t say, I just feel with you.

And now the heart tells me that only in your arms, honey, I was going to be happy.

There are people who have a loaded hug … loaded with joy, peace, light, empathy and love.

To hug you is like hugging my world.

Within a hug is always hot, it is always safe. Inside a hug, you don’t hear the tickery of the watches and if you miss light, the better. Everything you think and suffer inside a hug dissolves.

Come here, honey … kiss me until I lose the breath and hug me to never let go.

hugs me and kisses me, calls me my love. Hug me and want … Come show me your heat.

I just want to embrace it until the end.

In the heat of a hug from you, I was sure that nothing else could separate us. My love is yours!

Within a hug, those tight, we even touch love.

May your way of showing affection, your way, your looks, your fears … that sweet be a absence of our fear, your hug, and the way my hand is being sweet, your fears. May it be sweet, let us be sweet and we will be, I know.

Life taught me that the best hugs are those data with love.

My great love that from my arms and hugs weaved his hammock and slept … When my love awakening looked at me, smiled and came to give me a kiss from you.

Our hug is the universe.

Never allow me to live the absence of a hug from you, my love. That would be the most terrible torture for me.

My heart only beats quiet when it leans on yours as we hug. To love this!

Give me a hug, come squeeze me, I’m coming!

gets used to it! I made a home in your hug and the contract of our love is lifelong.

When we love, we hug tight to paste a heart on each other until they become one.

You put your arms around me and I feel at home.

Within a hug from you, I found everything that was missing in me!

Allow me, my love, to live eternity by your side. I want to build a life with you. I want to have your hug as my shelter … do you leave it?

hug me, that in the hug more than in words, people like each other.

I’ve done home in many places, but it was in your hug that I found my true home.

you, who has this hug home.

Within my arms, the hugs will be millions of tight hugs like that, glued like that, silent like that. Hugs and kisses and affection without ending, which is to end this business of you living without me.

I decipher every sound of the beats of your heart as I hug you. They talk about our love, they discuss a beautiful story, where the protagonists live happily ever after.

I give myself body and soul to you, because I know your hug is my safe haven.

We are embraced for hours. My heart did not shot or his. And just that’s why I lasted so much.

Your tight hug gives me life.

The gesture of embracing is the most practical way to express love.

If you hug me, we can challenge this storm together.

When a hug is given with love, it fits accurately, and there you discover that they were made to each other, just right!

I found shelter in your hug and peace in the beats of your heart.

It was your hug that took the fun of all others.

Hug is an exchange of affection, it is a meeting of hearts … thing that only those who love understand!

Hugs are magical and comforting, don’t you think? If you want to keep giving more messages and quotes like these, see this lovely selection of hug messages and quotes!

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