40 LGBT messages and quotes to be proud of the strength of this community

By: Tranoniq.com

Humanity does not yet accept the diversity that makes up our society. Respecting the choices and way of life of each one makes the world a better place, which is why the LGBT community fights daily. To exalt your courage, check out our LGBT messages and quotes and share, because here we support all forms of love!

LGBT messages and quotes that overflow love and respect

We consider it fair for all form of love.

Love is not a disease, it is a cure. It’s not just close, it’s a fight. So see if listening, accepts, tuh or freaks!

Respect sees no color, religion, let alone sexual orientation. He is universal and it is up to ourselves to fight for the right of all.

You don’t have to be gay, lesbian or bi to be against homophobia. Just have a brain and a good deal of common sense!

Accepting is your choice. Respect is a duty of all!

This is why homophobia is a terrible evil: it disguises a concern when it is inherently hatred.

being gay is not strange. Strange is to be homophobic!

When I think of the LGBT community, I think of a strong community against adversity and unites for change. Our differences make us special and should be celebrated with great pride.

Love the next. If you can’t, at least respect!

Spread the love virus until it cure prejudice.

Love who I want is an intimate forum right! Society has to respect and the government, guarantee.

Don’t feel alone, the world is better than it was before. It’s still difficult, but you’re surrounded by people fighting with you. Don’t give up being you just because the world is not yet good enough for all your brightness!

No one will be able to tell us how to love.

If it is gay and a choice, then when you decided to become straight?

Our greatest strength is in our love for life and colors, beauty and music, dance and joy. This is our secret weapon! It is something the opposition does not have. Keep these things close to your hearts, because in times of war, it will support them.

If I receive pain, I return you love, and the more pain I get, the more I realize that I am indestructible.

Love has no sexual option! Love simply happens.

If no one needs to take heterosexuality, why does society impose a homosexual have to expose itself? Who I love or stop loving only concerns me.

Any way of love is worth loving.

same -sex love is not and will never be a problem. The problem is your prejudice!

LGBT Pride is to love who I want to love, it is being able to get hand in hand on the street and show love in public without being ashamed.

I’m gay. I am a lesbian. I’m bissexual. I am transsexual. I’m heterosexual. I am like you. I’m human!

You showed the world that we are all worthy of love. It is no exaggeration to say that, thanks to you, society is becoming just, more loving and more compassionate.

There is no cure for what is not disease.

I, another I can’t be, without crisis, without chance, a tip: accept-c, accepts-c.

Understanding and respecting others as a human being, with their defects and qualities, is what makes us closer to a fairer society.

That’s why this love and pride that life has put inside me. And no matter the color of my love, it’s the rainbow that makes me shine like this!

Our greatest pride is to be who we are!

Pride for me is to fight to be who I am in a society that tries to kill us daily.

and get up, gay! That the fight is not over yet gay. That our victory will be close, gay! And if I’m here today giving voice to gay, it’s because it’s gay!

Be that you want to be.

Homophobia is undoubtedly disguised hatred of religious commandment.

Understand and love yourself first. Because only then will it be possible to share love with respect and equality.

LGBT Pride, for me, is to be absolutely sure of what you are. It is understanding, respecting and especially supporting the differences.

Wrong is not to love. We must be free to love anyone we want!

Being gay has nothing to do with the ability to read a balance sheet, take care of a broken bone or change an ignition candle.

Hate speech is not freedom of expression. I demand respect!

My sexual orientation should not interfere with your daily life. Leaving the street without fear of being assaulted is everyone’s right!

The only wrong thing about being gay is the way some people treat them when they find out.

LGBT Pride means fighting and yet continuing with a smile on your face.

We all deserve a world with more love, so we need to be more active, respect differences and live in harmony. Embrace this cause even more with our messages and quotes against homophobia and get in the fight to overthrow the barriers of prejudice!

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