40 Kiss Day messages and quotes To Celebrate Kissing Who You Want

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Within a kiss, many feelings may be present. Love, affection, passion and desire are the main ones. This gesture so intense and delicate protects such importance that you earned one day of it. This April 13, celebrate kissing who you want. Check out the best kiss day messages and quotes and share who you want to kiss!

Kiss Day messages and quotes showing the intensity of this gesture

When we lack words to show affection, there is nothing more delicious than a passionate and affectionate kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

Happy kiss day for those who want to kiss my mouth. I’m free to celebrate this date together.

My goal is to celebrate the day of the kiss, kissing a lot and being happy from beginning to end.

Today, I will kiss you in a way that you will never forget and will be asking me more. Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss with affection always has a more special taste. Happy Kiss Day!

It’s your mouth that I want to kiss not only on kiss day, but every other date. After all, only she makes me happy.

I woke up to fill you with affection and show you that my kiss combines perfectly with yours. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss shows me that everything that was missing in me, I find you. Happy Kiss Day!

When I don’t stop talking, I’ll kiss you just so you are a little silent and, with your lips in mine, we’ll make poetry never before heard. Happy Kiss Day!

An unforgettable kiss is the one that marks the meeting of two souls. Happy Kiss Day!

This is a date I love to celebrate and I don’t want to be left out at all. Happy Kiss Day!

I love to see the smile on your face right after I kiss you. Happy Kiss Day!

I close my eyes when it kisses me so that I feel all the sensations in greater depth. It is the soul, in turn, that awakens. Happy Kiss Day!

Happy Kiss Day for all who understand the strength of this gesture so small and so full of meanings.

A kiss can mean love, affection and even healing. A kiss is the most beautiful gift someone can earn. Happy Kiss Day!

If you open this message, you will get a kiss on your heart to celebrate the day of the kiss!

The more the kiss lasts, the more I want to never stop kissing you. Happy Kiss Day!

The hottest way to tell someone you like her is with a sweet kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

Your lips look like magnets that attract me to you and make me crazy to kiss them. Happy Kiss Day!

When two hearts meet, it is the kiss that seals this union. Happy Kiss Day!

On April 13, your lips are already committed to mine. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss makes me fly, because it shows me that it is possible to be happy so intensely with such a small gesture. Happy Kiss Day!

On kiss day, my gift was to win your lips to kiss every day of my life.

Your kiss is my favorite part of your body. Happy Kiss Day!

To unfold our friendship, how about a kiss on this April 13? Happy Kiss Day!

A kiss is all two friends need to admit they are in love. Happy Kiss Day!

My mouth is waiting to get a kiss from you. Do not miss this opportunity. Happy Kiss Day!

I just know how to love you and all I want is to kiss you. Happy Kiss Day!

I give you my kisses in the form of kisses and hope they make you try what I feel for you. Happy Kiss Day!

If I kiss you, you will always have a happy memory when you think of me. Happy Kiss Day!

That the kiss, besides being a hot gesture, is a gesture of love. Happy Kiss Day!

Your mouth is my favorite landscape. I get lost her and I just want to kiss her. Happy Kiss Day!

Our eyes are already tired of kissing in exchanges of glances. It’s time for our lips to seal this meeting. Happy Kiss Day!

I dream of your kisses and would like to know if they have the same flavor in reality. Happy Kiss Day!

The taste of your kiss still remains on my lips and reminds me of you. Happy Kiss Day!

You know exactly the right way to kiss me and make me go crazy for you. Happy Kiss Day!

Enjoy the day of the kiss with those who make love light on your heart every time you play your lips!

My lips told me they need yours to celebrate the day of the kiss the right way!

It is kisses of love that make us believe in the beauty and intensity of this gesture so affection. Happy Kiss Day!

When your lips touch mine, I lose all my barriers. Happy Kiss Day!

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