40 Joyce Meyer messages and quotes to know this insightful Christian author

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Born June 4, 1943, Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer is a famous American Christian author. In the various books published, from a religious perspective, the writer dissects deep topics, such as the adversities of life, experienced traumas, relationships, etc. Next, check out impactful Joyce Meyer messages and quotes that will make you reflect on life and your relationship with God!

Joyce Meyer messages and quotes that will arouse reflections on the battles of the mind

Stop determining their value for what other people say. Be determined by the Word of God.

The more we keep anger, the more opportunities you have from it to create roots in our lives and suffocate the lives of us.

Asking for something is easy … Being responsible for this is the part that develops character.

Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we do not live in a perfect world.

Passing time with God is the key to our strength and success in all areas of life.

God is not angry with anyone. He just wants to help us be the best we can.

A mistake does not have to rule a person’s whole life.

Never get discouraged with yourself because you have not achieved success … Be pleased to be advancing toward him.

We have only one life to give, and we must be careful for who and what we give it.

There is something you can do that no one else can do like you, so love your life!

Whoever it is, wherever it is, whatever it has passed, is never too late to start over.

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that only grows under trial.

There are times when God leaves huge question marks in our lives to increase our faith.

God’s healing power is working on me now. Every day I get better.

Do not expect to “feel” willing to do something to do so. Live by decision, not by emotion.

If you only do what is easy, you will always remain weak.

If someone hurts you, cry a river, then build a bridge and pass over it.

character is to do what you don’t want, but you know you should do it.

You can suffer the pain of change or suffering the way it is.

a bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you don’t go anywhere.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to maintain good attitude while waiting.

If you want to give the devil a nervous collapse, get up every day and see how well you can do it.

courage is not absence of fear; It is action in the presence of fear.

Fidelity is not doing something right once, but doing something right again and again …

trust and faith bring joy to life and help relationships grow.

Your life only goes as high as the level of your expectations.

The best thing you can do about yesterday is to forget it … It’s time to look forward.

My purpose in life is to do what is right and glorify God.

Today, Lord, I will do my best with your help and to your glory.

We must meditate on what God has done in our lives, instead of what we are still expecting him to do.

No matter how much we know in any area, there are always new things to learn.

Forgive how many times you should and do not put limits on it.

We are never truly free until we no longer feel the need to impress other people.

Forgiveness takes care of our sin, and mercy blesses us even if we do not deserve it.

Make sure never try to work God on your agenda, but always work your agenda around Him.

Being negative only makes a difficult journey even harder.

The way to freedom begins when we face the problem without making excuses to him.

Do not be afraid of responsibility. Learn to launch your care, but not your responsibility.

Concern is an advance for a problem you may never have.

Fear makes you feel surrounded by an enemy. Faith makes you realize that it is surrounded by God.

It is divine to have someone who speaks with such sensitivity about personal and spiritual battles, don’t you think? If you liked these messages, you will surely be interested in these excellent Max Lucado messages and quotes that talk about the challenges of the Christian life.

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